10 Characteristics of High Quality Content

All the material you place on your website and social media pages are known as content. That’s distinguished from all the coding. While a nice, functioning web site is good, it’s the other stuff, your videos, pictures, and copy that is key to creating new customers and keeping your current ones. Now we want to take a look at the quality of content, and ask if you know what quality content is? Is high quality copy just formally written information on products and services? Is it videos? Is it education, entertainment, or thinly disguised advertising? If customers are the end goal, then quality is whatever will grab their attention, get them immersed in your business, buy your products/services, and keep them loyal to you. Your content is designed specifically for your audience.

Content Strategy – The New Driving Force

Content strategy is the planning of great content (video, articles, tweets, stories, research papers, whitepapers, or video) so that it grabs attention, amplifies your message to build interest, communicates a promise which all leads to the prospect making contact with you. Content strategy is how you create a customer in today’s marketing world. It’s strategic in the sense that the content is designed to be found by targeted prospect at the right time in their buying decision cycle and to carry the exact right message. It is also strategic in how the content is placed/used on various social media channels.  Social media strategy is intimately tied to social media which is tied to organic SEO. Now, let’s say you own a small to medium sized business and your content just isn’t resonating with your audience. You need to go back to the drawing board, build a customer profile, and then develop new content that will appeal to them.

Stouffville Glass is a Markham area firm that fabricates doors, windows, mirrors and sunrooms for homes. We studied their customer profile: 25 to 55 year old homeowners of houses older than 15 years, looking to save on heating bills, upgrade their bathrooms, and perhaps add on an extra room.

We used responsive web design on their redesign and now visitors can see it on any number of mobile devices. We launched a blog and Twitter account where visitors will read about topics very relevant to their situation such as whether to replace their windows, professional installation, what energy efficient windows are and what to buy.

Now Stouffville Glass can provide compelling articles about these common decision making matters and position the company as relevant to their customers needs and experience. The Twitter account allows them to maintain top of mind awareness by tweeting constantly and engaging prospects on specific issues.

Here’s the top 10 Characteristics of High Quality Content

  1. Presents ideas clearly and succinctly for readers/viewers to easily grasp
  2. Uses specially prepared stories and visuals to get prospects engaged in the topic
  3. Is conversational, not stiff and formal
  4. Makes an emotional impact – discusses the why’s
  5. Encourages a response or feedback so we can learn more about the prospect and is trackable
  6. Creates a desired action — lead capture
  7. May be disruptive to change perceptions, to get the prospect in the proper frame of mind
  8. Presented at the right time when the prospect is in a stage of their decision process
  9. Is expressed from a unique perspective, out of the ordinary that creates a certain fascination
  10. Uses social channels together strategically to drive as many visitors through the lead funnel

As marketers, we definitely have our tools and techniques to create the best content experience possible. But the best source is the client and the experiences they’ve had with customers. Everyone likes to hear good stories. We recommend that you keep a diary of activities with your customers/patients/clients and record the things you’ve done and your conversations with clients. Remember your customer’s expectations and satisfactions. You may even want them for testimonials. Follow all these tips above and you’ll have the most compelling and fruitful online marketing results.


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