10 Questions to Ask Before You Launch Your Social Media Effort

What’s exciting about social media? Everything. It’s interesting, personally engaging, popular, and it touches on every aspect of your company and its marketing. Social media gives you direct access to customers for powerful branding, after sales support, and marketing reach.

Let’s face it, people are spending quite a bit of time on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin. Wherever they are, you have to boldly follow your audience.

Big Time Investment but It Has to be Part of your Marketing Campaign

What’s scary about social media is the learning curve, time investment required, and patience to make it work. New digital tools are evolving to help CEO’s and entrepreneurs calculate ROI on social media.

What’s needed is a social media strategy and someone who can plan and execute the social media strategy.

Here are the questions you need to ask before launching into social media:

  1. 1.    How will you generate a unique, engaging experience for your target audience?
  2. 2.    Which social media channels will you focus on?
  3. 3.    How will you be able to generate a sufficient volume of exposure or traffic?
  4. 4.    How will your efforts actually generate leads and sales?
  5. 5.    How will you establish credibility and trust in the social media space?
  6. 6.    How much time will your social media content generators need to make it work?
  7. 7.    Do you have the expertise to generate high quality, sharable content?
  8. 8.    Do you have the sense of strategy to corral and focus your efforts continuously?
  9. 9.    How will you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, company Blog, and LinkedIn strategically?
  10. 10.  How will you measure your social media effectiveness and ROI?

Social media is fascinating. If you take the time to plan and use it well, it may pay off well. Each business should execute a unique strategy using the most appropriate social channels.  Ultimately, you must continuously create value for your visitors/customers.


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