15 Ways to Build Credibility and Trust

Is your website failing to deliver the results you need? I wonder if trust and credibility might be your issue?

Of all the fixes you could make on your website, an improvement in your website’s credibility factor might bring you the most benefit. That’s because most websites actually scare away visitors or they fail to make themselves believable, credible, and trustworthy.

And if you’re selling an expensive, delicate or high involvement product, your trustworthiness becomes essential.

Relevance is King

There’s some simple truths to credibility. The first, surprisingly, is that relevance creates credibility. If you’ve targeted your audience extremely well (tough to do) and provided the content they want, their attention (engagement) tells you they must trust you.

Relevancy is at the core of trust and credibility.

Relevant content shows them that you’re “with it, or into it” at the epic-centre of a topic they’re focused on. If you cover that topic really well, present it well, and demonstrate that others agree somehow, then you’re generating trust and credibility in copious amounts. These are vital in being persuasive and generating a customer, or to hang onto your current ones.

Top Signs your Visitors Don’t Trust You:

  • They don’t read your content
  • They don’t download your app
  • They don’t share your material on social media
  • They don’t contact you
  • They leave

Credibility/Trust arise from your Branding, Design, and Content

Make your changes more effective by viewing them grouped into 3 categories: Branding, Design and Content.

Here are 15 ways you can improve each of them so that your company’s credibility, authority, attractiveness, likability, and value proposition come across beautifully.

Branding Factors

1.   High Google Rankings. Nothing speaks louder than top 3 rankings on a keyword search. It’s like getting Google’s nod of approval, and people assume top spot means worthiness. These visitors themselves are well targeted and they’ll give your site a good read.

2.   Business Name and Slogan. Yes, you make them up, but the words/domain name they see in Facebook, Google search, or a blog, tells them that your site is worth a further look.

3.   Trust Marks. Recognized logos help you leverage the brand power/trust of other companies.

4.   Your Value Proposition. This is implied or stated outright, and it’s what your visitor is looking for: “are you the best supplier of what I want?” Your UVP shows in everything in your site.

5.   Personality and Transparency. Being exposed and putting forth one’s passions and enthusiasms validates that you really are into what you say you are into. A personal flair adds to credibility in that we all tend to consider credible what we like (even though it isn’t true. I like the Leafs but some say they’re not worth watching or rooting for).

Design Factors

6.   Attractive Design. Attractive people are trusted way more than they deserve. That’s because there might be something more harmonious about them. Same for websites. When the graphics, colours, fonts, layout and navigation work together, it presents a pretty picture of your business. Make sure your web design is current, mobile friendly, easy to use, and doesn’t have errors.

7.    Custom Photography and Video. When the images are personal and on topic, it suggests personal commitment to the topic.

Content Factors

8.   Unique, Original Content. Content focused in on the issues and questions the visitor is interested in or intrigued by, has an immense effect on credibility. We’ve all visited ugly websites and stayed for a while. That’s because the content is exactly what we were looking for. And make sure your content is accessible via links.

9.   Videos, Whitepapers, Research. When the information gets scientific or fact-based, and backups up your claims made, you readers feel comfortable about what you’re saying. Expert status creates credibility.

10.    Customer Testimonials and Celebrity Endorsements. Getting key people to vouch for you, with their photo is powerful. Getting it on video is even better.

EScribe Corporate Screenshot


11.   Copywriting. Copy written in the right tone and voice, filled with words the audience prefers to hear (few superlatives and outrageous claims) is perhaps the best way real credibility is created. From the promise in your headings to the words you use in the copy and topics you choose, the copywriting on the website is your voice to your customer. If it’s flakey, inconsistent, not assertive or definitive, reader’s doubts begin to pop up.

12.    Staff Photos and Bios – letting customers see and know the staff is wise. Ensure your bios are written with panache and are relevant too.

13.    Social Proof. What others say on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs is often assumed to be true. Your interaction with them on social media validates your website claims.

14.    Contact Page. A page with calls to action show you are sincere and want to be contacted.

15.    Events. Events can emphasize the human element and suggest good personal contact has taken place with customers.

There are many more credibility and trust features you can incorporate into your website. Focus on relevance and quality, and you’ll find you’ll fill in all the required features more easily. Even if your site lacks these features, the visitor will forgive you if your brand and value proposition look harmonious.

Have respect for the reader’s ability to see the big picture in how you’re presenting your company via your website. Be first class all the way and you’ll make a credible impression.

BJ Fogg’s believed you must have expertise plus trustworthiness to be credible:

Web Credibility – BJ Fogg – Stanford University from BJ Fogg

Remember that good results only come with testing. You should test how you combine your website elements to maximize your results. It’s how they interact that creates the most credible and trustworthy presence possible.

Your website is a key business asset, but you won’t achieve outstanding results unless you make it great. From creating evergreen content, to designing amazing landing pages, to doing SEO, you want your brand to be associated with the highest quality content possible. What visitors see, they believe.


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