Published: 6 years ago

Chrome Text Photoshop Tutorial

Have you spent several hours trying to create chrome text and it just doesn’t look right? I have created a simple tutorial with 6 easy steps to creating beautiful chrome text you can use again and again.

Step 1:

Start by creating a text layer. Hint: Keyboard shortcut ( T ) to select the type tool and begin typing.

Step 2:

Next right click on your text layer and select Blending Options or select Layer / Layer Style / Blending Options.

Step 3:

Next you need to add a Gradient Overlay to the text layer. To do this check off the Gradient Overlay box down the left side for the window. Now edit the Gradient by clicking on the Gradient colour swatch. Slide the Black and White colour points to the middle of the bar and add two Grey #A2A8AE points on each end.


Step 4:

Time to add a Drop Shadow. Right click on your text layer again and select Blending Options. Now check off Drop Shadow. Set the Opacity to 75%, Angle 120, Distance 5, Spread 0, Size 10.

Step 5:

Bevel and Emboss is next. Change the Structure Style to Stroke Emboss, Depth 100%, Direction Up, Size 5, Soften 0. In the Shading section change the Gloss Contour to match what I have chosen, or play around with them until you see something you like, it’s just preference.

Step 6:

Finally add a Stroke to your text layer in the Blending Options. Make your Stroke size 2 and Position Center.


To add your new style to your photoshop styles pallet click the top right corner of your styles pallet and add style. Name your style and it will be added to your pallet.

You’re Done!

Congratulations you have created Chrome text and a style you can use again.

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