Weekly Round Up: August 31st Lawsuits, Speakers Bacon and more!

Jury: Samsung copied Apple, should pay at least $1.049 billion in damages

In case you didn’t hear, Apple is getting their sue on, in fact they’ve “won” and are getting a cool 1.049 billion for it. But Mike why the brackets around won you ask? Well because obviously Samsung will appeal and this will go back and forth for a while. If you’d like to see what Samsung devices might turn into collectors items from the injunctions there’s a handy table here.

Nokia, JBL to launch NFC-enabled audio products

Yesterday Sony announced a portable NFC speaker, so obviously Nokia and JBL have to follow suit. They’re Bluetooth speakers that will pair very easily with your NFC device.

Ten Painless Tactics To Earn Attention On Twitter – Whiteboard Friday

Watch as Dan Shure explains how to earn Twitter attention with ten totally-actionable, Twitter-riffic tips you can use to get people to notice you in the most fast-paced social media platform in the world. These can all apply to individuals or brands.

Native apps vs. web apps: The martial epic has found its end

The burning debate between native apps and web apps that became the present-day martial epic – seemingly neverending – has finally found its end.

Five Things Bacon Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Who doesn’t love reading an article the relates everyone’s favourite breakfast meat with marketing. Like a good content marketing strategy, bacon is always top-of-mind. It shows up nearly everywhere it should be, whether searched or not. This should be the goal of your content marketing efforts.

Video – Carlton Draught Beer Chase

Not often does a beer commercial make me laugh WHILE keeping me at the edge of my seat… this one did.

Enjoy the video, and your long weekend!


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