Published: 4 years ago

Weekly Roundup February 1st – Local Search, Mobile Marketing, Social & More

Ed Parsons: 1 in 3 Searches at Google are Local

Local search is very important for almost all businesses. Not only is 1 in 3 searches about locally available products/services, but local results are pushed into search results regardless.


Does Your Startup Need A Social Media Expert? Five Questions To Find Out

Is social media the new telephone? As microblogging increases in use, are businesses ready to communicate via social media?  Is your social media effort fruitful?

Twitter Now The Fastest Growing Global Social Platform, 21% Of The Internet Population Are Active Users

Why are so many people using Twitter? There was a 288 million user increase over 6 months:

BlackBerry touchscreen model to launch Feb. 5

RIM changes its name to “BlackBerry” and launches a new touchscreen phone


Mastering mobile marketing means starting with the basics

Mobile marketing; apps, bar codes and new brand experiences. How do you approach this new medium?

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