3 Keys To Writing Evergreen Content For Your Website

It’s frustrating to most business owners that the content they generate for their website or social pages has such a short shelf life. A tweet might be effective only for a few minutes and a blog post might only generate views for a couple of days.

Yes, we are in an era of disposable information. As fast as it’s created, it seems to be consumed and forgotten. We hope that during that brief flash of exposure, that it helps us achieve our business goals.

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But some content sticks around and keeps on giving. Wouldn’t it be great to find out what that is and then produce it and bring it along so it becomes a force for you?

 Content is Still King

Your marketing content is powerful if it works.  It creates attention, engages, persuades, and generates action. Evergreen content just seems to do that a whole lot better.

Evergreen alludes to the fact that it seems to stay fresh and alive for a long time. It’s more productive over the long haul and helps reduce your content generation costs. So what is Evergreen Content and how can you produce it?

Timeless and Valuable

Yes, Evergreen seems to last, but what you need to focus on is how it keeps producing and what value it’s generating for you and your visitors.

Evergreen Content:

  1. Has information that’s continually relevant, useful and needed
  2. Has information that is up to date
  3. Is alive and is able to grow new leaves so to speak
  4. Can be added to or upgraded
  5. Validates or confirms reader’s beliefs
  6. Is easily sharable

So you get the impression that your content must be high quality, what people want, and can be updated to keep it at its best.

Types of Evergreen Content

  • Lists
  • Tips
  • How to instructionals
  • Entertaining videos
  • Spectacular photos
  • In-depth posts
  • Infographics with general but valuable stats
  • Online survey that shows people’s choices and sentiments on a topic over time

Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO is an excellent example of evergreen content. It generates significant value for MOZ. http://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo

MOZ Beginner SEO guide

3 Keys to Evergreen Value

Well-planned evergreen content gives legs to your sustainable marketing efforts, from branding to SEO to increasing engagement and customer loyalty.

To say that evergreen content is less costly though is misleading.  You need to plan it, create it, maintain it, promote it, and keep it green!


SEO: Readers want to link to Evergreen content so that will boost its Google rankings. They’ll share it via social, strengthening your Google rankings (as well as pick up a whole new segment of visitors from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and more). Those inbound links give your page/site more authority in Google’s eyes. The longer Google sees your page is visited and engaged, the more traffic they’ll send.

Addictive: People may return to it again and again even though they’ve viewed it before. If you freshen it up, they get a slightly new experience and get richer information. Like their favourite vacation destination, they like the good feelings they get from visiting that content repeatedly.  Leverage it to introduce them to your new material.

Fountain of Value: Regardless of whether your content is laser focused or varied, it just seems to mate with other web content and resonate with bloggers and influencers. Time, place, topic, all seem to meld harmoniously so writers will modify their material just to refer to your evergreen post or video.

The best evergreen content resonates with reader’s beliefs and attitudes and that’s why they’re so eager to read, share, and even promote it.

So there’s your quick intro to Evergreen content. Knowing what it is, is the first step in your strategic plan to create it. Increasingly, it’s creativity that plays the biggest role in generating very valuable content.

Once you get really good at it, you might be able to reduce your reliance on reams of disposable content. And that’s the kind most producers are creating right now.

Good luck with your new evergreen content strategy.

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