4 Social Media Tips Richard Branson Can Teach You

They say, if you want to learn something right, learn from someone who does it well. Fortunately, we know of someone who is doing social media exceedingly well.

You’d like to excel in the social sphere too. And our 4 top tips for using social media should get you started on the right foot.

To launch your social media strategy on a more effective path, think about how you can invite visitors into conversations that are useful and interesting. This is a good way to get feedback and build a profile of your customers.

Virgin Social Media – A Huge Business Asset

I’m sure you’ve heard of Richard Branson and his Virgin Empire.  The story of Sir Richard is a telling one. Here’s a guy who has built 8 separate billion dollar companies.  Is there anything on your resume that can top that?  It’s astonishing. And he just keeps going.

Successful Social Media

His website pictured below is dominated by social media material. Keep in mind, this is the  main Virgin corporate website. It’s plastered with links to blogs on various topics. The formal, corporate branding law is being broken and instead, the casual, transparent and personal are taking center stage. The site scrolls forever it seems. Although, the content is very well thought out and deliberate. It’s designed in a blog format, and it’s working.

The Virgin people have a full commitment to social media as a key communications tool.  They fully believe in its power.  Follow this link to get an idea of how they invite people into their social web.

Virgin’s core social media channels are Twitter, Facebook, some blogs, and Linkedin. Branson himself is the key contributor and he’s the guy most want to listen to or interact with.

Virgin’s social media strategy is well planned and powerful. You’ll read Richard’s stories of his experiences with interesting people, world leaders, business people, entertainers, and about his support of charities and worthy causes.  That’s a potent mix that makes Sir Richard and Virgin look like winners.

And Virgin has plenty going in new technology and services, so there’s lots for loyal fans and customers to talk about. It’s seemingly endless with something for everyone.


Social Media Blog

Get to Know Your Customer and Create a Conversation

At Virgin.com and there other sites, the content is compelling. Richard always ties it into one of his companies when possible. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing too. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be contributing to your social media presence. Your customers want to converse with real people about real issues.

So, what can you do to promote your business in a similar fashion?




Here’s 4 timely social media marketing tips to help:

1)     Join the conversation on someone else’s blog, Facebook, or Linked in page by adding your comments. Social’s all about joining in on the conversation.

2)     Respond early to other’s new posts and discussions — being first means you have a better chance to create meaningful dialogue and  get them to click over to your blog/social media sites.

3)     Offer to help others with their issues. They’ll be grateful and eager to tell others if you help them.

4)     Create interesting, attention-getting, and stimulating topics on your blog – then talk about them on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin and other social media pages. These topics build your brand image and act as gateway for customers to investigate your products and services.  It’s nothing pushy, just an intriguing, promising, open door for them to walk though.

Mastering social media will be a big challenge, but you’ll be delighted when you get to talk about the things that inspire you.  And your customers will see your joy and passion for what you do.

New fans and satisfied customers help create a positive word of mouth evangelism for your company. It’ll encourage you to create better content for your site and take your SEO strategy seriously.


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