5 Best Areas To Focus Your Marketing This Year

The year 2013 is seeing many changes in the world of online marketing. Technology is bringing together content with social media and the ability to customize what your customers see based on their preferences and history.

But, where do you start if you are just getting your business off the ground? What if you are trying to bring your business to the next level?

Here are five areas, as suggested by a social media marketing company in London, that you need to focus on in your 2013 marketing plan:

Websites, Your Customers First Impression

Okay, you may be asking, why should I worry about my website? It is there and it is doing its job. That is the problem. Many people think that having a website is the only thing they have to worry about.

But, you need a website that is up to date and attractive to the search engines. When was the last time you updated your website? A stale website will automatically start losing its place in search engine results.

Plus, with the increasing user-focused SEO requirements, you need to put effort towards making your website relevant for your users.


Content is Still King

Content is the king of modern online marketing. You have to have organic content that is attractive to consumers, human-readable, and SEO integrated.

Your content must be relevant to your audience. Today, with advancing technologies, content is even becoming customized to the consumer based on their history and preferences.

Content is also integrating with social media. Blogs are a great way to add relevant up-to-date content to your site. The trick is to keep updating your blog so the search engines keep you on their radar.


A Mobile Website

Your 2013 marketing plan must include making your website mobile friendly. More and more people are using mobile devices for browsing and you need to make your website available for those users.

You have a few options with this. One option is to have a separate site for mobile users. Another is to use a responsive or adaptive web design.

A responsive site will rearrange elements based on the screen size of the device used for browsing. An adaptive site will detect the type of device and make elements available if they work on a particular device.


Cost per Click Marketing

One way to drive people to your website is to use cost per click marketing. You might also know this as pay-per-click. With this marketing model, you pay a fee for each time someone clicks on an ad that lands them on your website.

You work with a provider like Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo who offer these ad opportunities. Other sites allow these providers to display your ad on their site.

The rate you pay each time a user clicks on an ad is usually a fixed price. This method is getting more advanced as the search engines become more refined.


Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

Automated messaging has been a driving force in the world of internet marketing for many years now. This trend is starting to wane.

Consumers are more and more weary of giving their email information to any site that asks for it. If you want to use e-mail in your marketing plan it needs to be in a way that provides content along with marketing.

Newsletters and similar content will market your business without driving consumers away from an email flood of messages.

If you focus your efforts in these five areas the next year, your marketing efforts will be going in the right direction. Business is changing quickly with emerging technologies and increasingly savvy customers. It is important to have the right base for your marketing efforts to have the most impact.


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