5 Best CSS Finds

CSS seems to be taking over the interworld these days. Not only in design, but development and animation. Over my time binging on CSS tutorials and eye-candy, I’ve come across some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately I know some people don’t have the time or patience to digg through countless websites looking. So to save you from trouble, I present to you 6 of my favourite CSS finds!

1. Time-Based CSS Style Sheet Switcher

Time-Based CSS Style Sheet Switcher
A great little tutorial that dives deep into creating a time-based CSS Style Sheet switcher. This feature is particularly cool in using themes based on the time of day or seasons.

2. The Walking Man In CSS

CSS Animation - Walking Man
This is a phenomenal demonstration of the power of CSS Animations. Not only is there a link to the live demo, but Andrew Hoyer also decided to provide us with the example code to read along with.

3. Raining Letters Using CSS

CSS Transforms
Yet another of Andrew Hoyer’s masterpieces! This example shows what can be done using DIVS and CSS Transforms. It consists of a rain simulation complete with interactivity.

*Note that this demonstration will have your browser screaming!

4. Advanced CSS Menu

CSS Menu
This tutorial shows how to create an advanced CSS Menu using hover and position properties. Although not completely SEO friendly, I must admit that the techniques used in this tutorial are need-to-knows!

5. The Pure CSS Slider

CSS Slider
Ok, here’s the coolest of all. This slider is made completely in CSS. No JavaScript at all. Source files are also available for download. That’s right. Stop Reading! GO THERE NOW!


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