5 Reasons Why B2B Branding is Crucial to Your Success

You put serious time into building your business, but all that hard work will go to waste if you avoid B2B branding.

Consider these benefits for starters:

  • Name recognition generates word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Branding affects public perception.
  • Strong brands retain clients.
  • Brand logos are easily identifiable.
  • Effective branding leads to effective digital media.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

84% of B2B CMOs cite brand awareness as their top priority, and 72% of today’s most influential B2B experts say branding is instrumental for growth.

Think of it like this: a strong B2B brand is a gift that keeps on giving!

Let’s delve more into why you need a strong brand strategy.

B2B Branding Adds Value to Your Company

Ask yourself this: how do you want clients and investors to regard your company?

The right brand differentiates the amateurs from the pros and turns even the simplest products into household names.

Take, for example, Salesforce.

Salesforce sells a popular range of B2B cloud products, but their brand adds value to the company in a number of ways:

  • It positions Salesforce as thought leaders in their industry.
  • The brand consistently communicates client success stories, further strengthening salesforce as B2B leaders.
  • Salesforce encourages a sense of B2B community, which promotes inclusiveness, trust, and purpose.
  • Salesforce offers training, adding further to their community-driven brand.
  • Their company design, logo, UX, and colour scheme are inviting and reflects the purpose of the Salesforce brand. In fact, colour schemes can improve brand recognition by 80%!

Not only do strong brands add value for clients, they add value for investors as well.

A company’s brand is also an intangible asset that’s factored into an investor’s equity stake. Therefore, the stronger the brand, the more shareholders stay invested.

And let’s not forget about the stock market.

It’s important to remember that branding has a significant impact on a company’s market share, and strong branding keeps people engaged and money flowing in.

Brand Stories Connect with Clients

Why do you binge-watch your favorite TV shows?

You certainly don’t watch TV because it’s boring, so what keeps you coming back for more?

It’s the plot twists, cliffhangers, characters, and ultimately, the story.

So what can B2B businesses learn from Game of Thrones for example? It’s that every company needs a strong story of their own to keep clients hooked.

Earlier, you learned how Salesforce adds value through their brand and how they use storytelling to communicate client success. Let’s take a look at how another B2B, Kickstarter, uses storytelling to attract and keep their clients.

  • The purpose of Kickstarter is to help people fund their dreams. This is the company’s purpose and the center of their brand story.
  • Kickstarter communicates their brand story through their tagline: “Our Mission is to Bring Creative Projects to Life.”
  • They highlight the Kickstarter community on their about page, expanding on the idea that Kickstarter is a diverse network of businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • By letting anyone fund a project they believe in, Kickstarter lets everyone feel a part of their unique brand story.
  • Kickstarter communicates their story through YouTube project spotlights, interviews, how-guides, and personal stories from project leaders.

Brand storytelling is also an ideal opportunity to associate your business with causes you believe in. In fact, clients prefer it!

More than 90% of consumers want their companies to invest in goodwill causes, and a whopping 84% actively seek out products associated with corporate responsibility.

Participating in viral charity causes like the ALS ice bucket challenge is one way to connect with clients. Plus, your B2B could also sponsor local youth programs, promote a buy one/give one campaign, or establish its own foundation.

Brand Loyalty Weathers Company Changes

Brand loyalty is like comfort food.

When life seems full of changes, a trusted brand is constant, comforting, and familiar.

But change is inevitable.

What do you do when your own B2B needs to make some changes? This is why strong B2B branding is essential.

Brand loyalty can see you through the following changes:

  • Price increases
  • Product design changes
  • Upgrades
  • System maintenance
  • New Ad Campaigns
  • Economic downturns

Moreover, 89% consumers stay loyal to brands who practice exemplary service. Therefore, it’s instrumental to put the customer first in your brand story and keep them front and center so you can weather those rough times.

Brand Consistency Enables More Marketing Strategies

A strong brand is consistent, recognizable, and can be communicated across multiple marketing channels.

Consider the following brand elements:

  • Company logo
  • Company mission or motto
  • Tagline
  • Company colour scheme, design, and fonts
  • Brand story
  • Brand ambassadors and spokespeople

Looking at these elements alone, what types of marketing materials come to your mind?

Consider the marketing projects that you can execute with a strong B2B brand:

  • YouTube docu-series: create a docu-series to tell your brand story.
  • Client testimonials on Facebook: bring your amazing clients into the fold and generate more referrals.
  • Print stationery, letterhead, and email signatures: put your stamp on everything!
  • Hashtag campaigns: create multiple hashtag campaigns based on your brand’s purpose and story.
  • “Inside look” into new products: give clients a behind-the-scenes look at how you develop your B2B products and services.
  • Cause marketing: weave your goodwill efforts into your marketing campaign. Document company beach clean-ups, viral charity challenges, and more.
  • Company blogging: add a company blog to communicate your message, highlight great employees, and keep clients up to date on upgrades and products.

Remember, the clearer your brand message is, the easier it is to communicate your brand across social media, print, and multimedia.

A Strong Brand Image Can Go Viral

Who says B2B can’t go viral?

In fact, some of the most innovative viral campaigns as of late can be attributed B2B campaigns.

Take, for example, Corning Glass.

The once unassuming glass manufacturer, Corning Glass launched the viral video campaign, “A Day Made of Glass”, which walks viewers through an exciting, sleek future where glass is central to innovation.

People share content that evokes an emotional response, most particularly, feelings of awe, laughter, amusement and joy.

Corning Glass tapped into business owners’ awe of technology, innovation, and design, and crafted an effective viral campaign that generated excitement for the future.

Consider these ideas for your B2B viral campaign:

  • Create a long-running video series telling your brand story. Feature clients telling their stories, emphasizing your brand’s desire to develop success.
  • Create sleek product videos that make clients excited for the future, like Corning Glass!
  • Inject humor into your marketing to create funny viral campaigns.
  • Create videos connecting your brand to achieving the entrepreneurial dream.

You put in the work, so give your company a strong brand image to go head to head with your competitors.

Jumpstart your B2B branding now to start communicating your company’s purpose.


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