6 Imposing Reasons SEO is Valuable

One of the biggest challenges of working in digital marketing is that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and what really works.

If you’re in that muddled state and wondering where to invest your marketing dollars, then this post might be the most important one you’ll read this year.

The Marketing ecosphere is noisy and complex and it demands a great deal of knowledge, insight and enablement to stay on top of. With all that noise, and reports of new concepts and marketing alternatives, we can get confused.

But there’s one simple truth to digital marketing today: Google makes a fortune from the billions of searches it serves up, and Facebook is beginning too as well. Search is central to the online experience, and that means marketers absolutely must show up in the search results.

Let’s explore why search engine optimization has had such impact on marketing and why it still needs be a key part of your marketing mix.

6 reasons why SEO is still vital:

  1. Google Traffic is Good Quality: Google organic clickthroughs are still the top source of leads for most websites. Good SEO efforts give your company prestigious search rankings and lots of targeted traffic. Besides being free, you’ll enjoy more your traffic from your branded keywords (your company name) grows too which strengthens customer loyalty (who are one click away from your competitors). Other website owners and bloggers see your pages and begin referring to them, thus sending even more referrals to your website.
  2. Relevant Leads. Searchers are looking for something specific and are able to get quickly to the relevant page on your site. This is rather important if you are doing some summer marketing and and need to be found by people wearing shorts not coats. Local mobile searchers too, can find your company location and phone number quickly via Google maps. Your keyword relevant content makes Google happy and ensures your visitors that your business is relevant to them.
  3. Relevant Content. Website and inbound content marketing material must be relevant. SEO acts as a guide to keep it relevant to Google and to actual searchers and customers.
  4. Measurability. Organic traffic from search engines is trackable from the source and there are ways to determine which keyword phrases are most productive. From there your A/B testing will determine how to convert more visitors from that bulk of traffic. There’s much to be learned about your customer personas.
  5. Social Media Synergy. High quality content is often delivered via social media as part of an outreach campaign. When your content marketing is keyword focused, it‘s more likely to be shared.
  6. Branding. When your company name, content, graphics, are associated with a keyword and appear in Google, that generates a powerful brand image boost. Searchers may not click on the organic search link, but they see your company name in the listings. Those impressions are like AD impressions. They add up.

That’s 6 very compelling reasons why SEO is still a vital source of traffic and leads. It can be an integrative force in your marketing strategy and one that’s relatively easy to understand and implement.

Contrast that with a brand-driven approach that focuses on creative advertising concepts and you’ll see a phenomenal difference in ROI. Paid brand driven advertising on billboards, TV, radio and print is very expensive. Truth is, marketing is multi-channel today. But SEO is perhaps the best source of sales and brand value.

When you need certainty, confidence and stellar bottom line results, you’ll find SEO offers value in so many ways.

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