6 Questions to Ask Before You Launch Your Internet Marketing Campaign

So you’re ready to go online in a big way to make your huge splash on the web. Well, Internet marketing’s not simple anymore. The best results might come from asking yourself the right questions, questions that make you think about everything before launch.

Internet marketing is a process that requires strategy and continuous feedback and strategic action. The real goal is to establish a permanent presence in the minds of your target customer. So that leads us to the 6 top questions you need to ask:

1.   What is our Unique Value Proposition?

Regardless of competition, you need to understand what unique value you’re going to deliver to your prospects.  Do they have a compelling reason to engage with you online and become your loyal customer?  Your UVP comes before any selling proposition, because customers see through it to find real value. You need to be meaningfully different than your competitors.

2.   Where are our Target Customers online?

You probably know how fragmented media is now, so how will you reach your prospects? By researching the competition, understanding general traffic trends, popular sites, and surveying your current customers, you may discover whether they’re coming via Google, Facebook, or other topically related web sites. Use that knowledge to shape your content marketing.

3.   What Metrics give us the right insight?

A combination of metrics will give you deeper insight into what brings your visitors in and creates a loyal, returning customer. Your top referring keywords will be unavailable via Google soon, therefore it requires good SEO skills to determine which keyword phrases are producing your visits and sales. Tracking your top performing content, how visitors are engaging with that content, how far they progress through your conversion funnel, and visitor conversion rates, are the most important.

Metrics indicate the power of your content to generate leads and revenue. Bounce rate, value per visit, and cost per acquisition are important measurements of your online marketing performance. We need to discover how your new and returning visitors are interacting with your content, purchasing, and experiencing your brand. Digital tracking is very detailed and provides excellent feedback for your product development and customer service efforts.

4.   What is our Content Strategy?

Your content strategy is a plan of action for your web presence.  Create engaging and action-inducing content for your target audience. The tone, style, and information in copywriting, as well as graphics, interactive forms, and video appeal to your prospects and get them to take the right action. We use research and experience to build websites, blogs, and social media pages that create value for your audience. It goes deeper too. We’re telling your brand story in a way that truly resonates with your customers and encourages them to respond and remember you and your company.

5.   What Resources do we Need?

Internet marketing requires a wide range of talent, resources, time and money.  Good content and topic expertise are keys to successful content marketing. An agency may have the copywriting, videography, and graphic design skill you need. The key skill is to research, collect information, and be able to produce high quality content consistently. Increasingly, this can’t be done in-house by the client. The real resource you have is your experience and knowledge of your industry. The better you can communicate that to us at an agency level, the better your Internet marketing will be.

6.   Why would others promote or share our material online?

It’s true that there are billions of videos, documents, and Facebook pages out there on the web. But there are thousands of website owners and social media users who will pass on your message if it’s relevant to them, unique and creates value.   They distribute and promote it because it makes them feel good.  It’s that simple.  It’s generally things you wouldn’t ever think of. It’s our job as an agency to think outside the box and discover opportunities to get web users to be your company evangelist.

There are hundreds of questions you need to ask. But to know what to ask, you need a little more education on the latest trends in Internet use and media. We hope you’ll visit our blog regularly as we cover topics and news.

Every week it seems, something new happens which adds a little twist and raises the bar on difficulty. It’s a challenge we enjoy and we keep our customers up to date on factors that affect them.


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