8 Ways to Improve Your Web Content Strategy

Looking to build more traffic and convert more sales leads? If you’re online you need good content marketing to stand out.

Content marketing definitely is king for most businesses, big and small.  Both are reporting a stronger emphasis on content marketing strategy and it appears they’re getting more out of it now too.

According to this 2013 report, 91% of companies are using content marketing (1/3rd of their total marketing budget). Reports show as well, that 78% of the most effective companies created more content this year and expect to keep on doing it in 2014.

Some even suggest that content marketing is now branding ─ that the message delivered via content marketing is powerful. In fact, as a small to medium-sized business owner, your content can create an emotional connection and position you as a thought leader in your local market ─ for lasting business value.

Pushing Out Mediocre Content Could Damage Your Brand

Tens of thousands of companies are pumping out bland, shallow, mediocre content, the likes of which consumers/B2B execs have read too many times. They’re bored and annoyed by it, yet they’re always on the hunt for something new to help them solve their specific business issues.

Content producers are trying hard to consistently create higher quality content. But many aren’t even sure what high quality is or what the strategic purpose of each piece of short-form or long-form content should be. The whole issue of applied strategy is an Achilles heel for many.

High Quality Content

High Quality Content is that which engages readers/viewers, captures their interest, delivers a distinct message that is heard and hopefully acted upon. It is also social in that the content itself encourages viewers to share it with others for peer distribution and SEO benefits

Marketers are experimenting with storytelling, infographics, video, slideshows, and webinars delivered via social channels and email.

You may want to improve specific areas of your content and strategy rather than taking on too much at one time. Master one and then move onto the next. That makes the contribution to ROI of each channel easier to assess.

8 Ways to Improve Your Content

1.   Identify Specific Goals ─ (branding, leads, sales, thought leadership)

2.   Explore one Channel Deeply e.g., Linkedin, with posts and tweets tied to specific topics your connections are intrigued about.

3.   Use Short Form Content use micro-content which leads strategically to your persuasive long content (e.g. Instagram video about the key feature of product or long form topic).

4.   Gamification create an interactive gaming type experience to let visitors explore, learn, and win something.

5.   Create a Live Event ─ and make sure you can generate some interesting, fun, and meaningful stories from it (e.g., have your event in a local convention where there are plenty of people and prospects available to speak with).

6.   Dig Deeper ─ go deeper and more specific in one topic area that no one else has touched on (e.g., for real estate: home sales in a specific neighbourhood over the last 20 years).

7.   Make it Sharable know what your visitors/customers will share with others and make it enticing to share via Twitter, blogs, and Facebook. Give them plenty of material (video/graphics/digital coupons/etc) and use this within a converged media strategy.

8.   Use Storytelling Techniques stories work, but first you need one that your audience can relate to. Get out, interact, network online, read more to get the rich background stories, events and other elements that might move your audience emotionally.


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