9 Keys to a Powerful Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is a very powerful promotional and business tool for SME’s and their management. Linkedin’s strength is its ability to foster connections with clients/customers.

Your personal brand image is a very important asset. Whether you’re a politician, doctor, real estate agent, investment advisor, CEO, or a computer programmer, your customers/employers want to know if they should hire you, vote for you, or do business with your company.

If people like you, know you, trust you and feel you can deliver what they need, they’ll want to do business with your company. Small business owners know about Linkedin’s value however, very few use this social channel very well. It’s perfect for developing transactions and leads because it focuses on key business people. People are where’s it at today on the web.

From poor profile pictures, to irrelevant or meagre content, and unattractive descriptions of experience and skills, most botch the picture they want to establish in customer’s minds.

Linkedin Profile Jeff Weiner

Figure 1. Linkedin Profile screenshot of Jeff Weiner of Linkedin Corp. Demonstrates the communication power of Linkedin profiles

Using The 9 Keys Strategically – Ultimate Power

With a social strategy and a commitment to doing a quality effort on Linkedin, you can optimize each and every aspect of this promotional tool. Here’s our 9 keys to create a powerful, effective Linkedin presence.

By using these 9 essentials strategically, you’ll understand how to power up your complete social media presence. I want to mention that this should be first class with first class copy, information, pictures, graphics and interaction that help you achieve your branding and marketing communications goals.

Infographic: Social Media is Important for Small Business Owners | Statista

Dig into these top 9 tasks you need to complete:

1.  Original, useful, unique and relevant content – publishing updates and blogs that make your profile worth visiting – provide freebies for download, contests, and lots of information. Infographics, graphics with text, video, or even audio casts are excellent ways of generating connections. This is an opportunity for you to show thought leadership or expertise that boost your credibility, trustworthiness, and relevance to their pursuits. You want them to believe you are the ultimate solution.

2.  Social activity – find ways to generate conversations via groups and then comment on other Linkedin professional’s activity posts. Getting your link out there on as many Linkedin pages as possible increases the chance your profile will be found and thus create more connections. Activity is all about exposure and connections.

3.  Use Linkedin as the centre of your social strategy (or your company’s social strategy) – your twitter, Google+ and Facebook pages should take your visitors to your Linkedin page. Linkedin has serious “social cred” so it makes an excellent center for marketing communications. A CEO, dentist, surgeon, financial advisor, can build much more powerful leads this way, especially if you have excellent content placed right on your Linkedin posts page.

4.  Showing personality – a unique, friendly, engaging person to connect with. Personality also adds to relevance, likability, and being engaging. From your profile background and head shot, the purpose is to draw visitors to you by being attractive and compelling. Remaining anonymous or by using poor quality, dull pictures of yourself is sure to make people click away. Let’s get authentic and compelling.

5.  Well written profile – have your copywriter brainstorm, strategize, edit and polish your profile until it’s perfect. This is a kingpin of your personal brand image so it must project your most salient assets, skills and knowledge.

It needs to be updated frequently so that it’s consistently relevant to your business goals.

6.  Endorsements from customers/coworkers/clients – endorsements show that clients/colleagues/customers appreciate you and want to support you. Having 100 people endorse you for a particular skill is a great promotional statement. Your own personal branding will encourage which skills others will endorse you for. If a few are essential, stick to them instead of listing 50 different general skills you might have. Think about what your customers want you for and get rid of skills that are irrelevant.

7.  Relevant Experience – job profiles written strategically. Again, a good copywriter will understand how to express your key skills and experience in your previous positions and make your work experience appear very powerful and convincing. Your work roles should point to your ability to deliver the benefits they’re seeking whether it is credibility as a professional.

These need to be adjusted when you’re doing new types of business so your descriptions are ultra-relevant to your visitor’s interests. If not, they leave.

8.  Premium account – when you pay extra every month for the premium services, you can make more connection requests, getting direct access to key people you’re interested in. Inmail lets you send out more email messages to key people. You can do more profile searches, presumably better searches and see more of other’s profiles. In essence, you’re paying for more knowledge and better access to key people.

9.  Make connection invites from Twitter, Your Blog and Facebook – it may be easier to reach other people you want to connect with by using your other social media accounts. When you do, it creates a bigger web with your Linkedin account at the center. You can direct message people in them and let them know about your topic being discussed on your Linkedin page.

The Digital Marketing Landscape is Changing

We hope Linkedin can be the key to your revived social media campaign. Add this to your SEO, content development, and Twitter engagement activity within a focused strategy, and you’ll be way ahead of your  competitors.

Mobile web usage is growing, in fact, the numbers are crazy. If you’re a small business owner, you absolutely need to maximize your mobile marketing presence. From Google maps to responsive web design, a presence on various geo-based apps to developing riveting content of local interest, the mobile web can be a powerful visibility solution.

Why do websites fail? It’s complicated but you can turn your online marketing capabilities around. And good content is important. If there’s one element that can make your business stand out, it’s high quality, unique content that helps your customer solve their problems.


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