Beau Costoff

Beau Costoff builds things on the web. You want CSS3 dropdowns, or jQeury sliders, or any other fancy new web things, he's your guy. You can follow him on twitter @BeauCostoff where you will have a glimpse of his StarGazing-Marxist-Gaming-BeatJunking-PhilosophyStudying-CartoonLoving-WannaBeArtist-NatureIntrigued-PhysicsExploring-Activist Mind.... or visit his Google+ Profile.

Email: [email protected]


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After Effects: The Old Television Tutorial

When starting out with this weeks Friday Tutorial, I decided that I would make an After Effects tutorial. The question turned immediately to “what to do”. After spending days thinking about where to begin, I thought, what better symbolism to turning on the world of post production is there than...

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Maya Hair/Fur Made Simple Tutorial

Although Maya hair/fur can get pretty involved with hundreds of parameters to play with, setting up the basics can be quite simple and make for some good results. I’ve put together this tutorial to help with the beginning steps of putting together a good head of hair. Step One: To...

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