What are the Best Calls to Action?

There’s only so much a great website design can do on its own. Inevitably, you have to tell the visitor what to do.  After you’ve caught their attention, built interest in your products and services, boosted their desire to have them, you need to close the sale. A strong, clear  call to action or CTA can make a huge difference on any site in terms of generating leads.

What is a Call To Action?

A call to action is a clickable statement or graphic that compels visitors to do something.

Call to Action

If your website calls to action were designed by Dirty Harry, your conversions would rise, however you’d have a fair number of casualties too.  Harry gave simple cues, choices, and options and had his own way of dealing with non-paying customers.  You have to admit, he took care of his clients and got results.

There are thousands of great calls to action and you’ll need to use phrases, cues, buttons, appropriate for your strategy. The right call to action will depend on what the visitor has been exposed to up to that point. The wrong cue at the wrong time can lead to the users getting cold feet and leaving your website. Timing is critical in using calls to action and so is placement on the page.

Incentive is also key to great calls to action. There should be a clear reason for the visitor to do what you want them to do.

Your CTA should be clear, short and to the point, available, visible at the right place, compelling, and the person should know what is going to happen.  That’s why the old classic “Click Here” doesn’t work – there’s no incentive and it doesn’t indicate what will happen if they click (unless they use a strapline with it). In order to complete the whole conversion process, your visitor needs context and a logical progression.

There are micro-goals and macro-goals for your website, but ensure you understand what you need the visitor to do and that they have sufficient information and motivation to heed your call to action. You need immediate action because once the visitor is gone, they don’t come back.

Convey value, create urgency, add value, make it personal, and make it available in the right place. Don’t use Buy Now by itself because this now sounds too demanding. You need to add value with any CTA command.

Here’s our best 25 CTA’s that reflect the principles of conversion – identify the next step, get the next step, indicate value, and keep forward momentum:

  1. Buy now and Save 50%
  2. Download Free ebook
  3. Order Now and get Free Shipping
  4. Call us now for a Free Analysis
  5. Buy One and Get the 2nd Free
  6. Upgrade to Premium for no Extra Cost
  7. 100% Guaranteed
  8. Buy Now with easy Monthly Payments
  9. Free (relevant) Gift with Purchase
  10. Order Now – Delivered Next Day
  11. Add to Shopping Cart
  12. Get Expert Advice Now
  13. View Demo Now
  14. See This in Action
  15. Register for Your Free…
  16. Buy Now, offer expires …
  17. Share this with Others
  18. See Plans and Pricing
  19. See More Features
  20. Start Your Free Trial
  21. See the Results Customers are Getting
  22. Try it out for Free
  23. See our Free Trial Offer
  24. Click Here ( but add a strapline or catch phrase )
  25. Start Now

Your calls to action are just part of the conversion equation. Make sure you’ve built up a very persuasive body of content as this is what generates momentum and establishes the value visitors are seeking. That takes the pressure off your call to action.

Remember these tips when creating and testing your CTA’s:

–        Know your business and what you want the user to do

–        Research your audience

–        Be clear, short and to the point

–        Make it visible at the right place

–        Make it compelling

–        Offer incentives


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