Brainstorming to make Better Business Decisions

Creative imagination is powerful and may be the best predictor of your business future. It’s not just the province of designers, artists, and musicians. It’s for everyone from entrepreneurs to office workers to the C-suite.

From understanding the value of our own work to knowing how to contribute to others, creative brainstorming can bring a lot into conscious awareness. We’re about to organize the known and explore the unknown simultaneously.

Brainstorming is a group or individual creativity technique where individuals attempt to build ideas and conclusions to solve a specific challenge or problem.  The term was created by Alex Faickney Osborn in the 1963 book Applied Imagination. He suggested that team brainstorming was more effective than individuals working alone in generating ideas, although more recent research has questioned this conclusion. Some believe that brainstorming sessions should be free of criticism while others believe criticism may make members of the group work harder to discover more. Motivation and drive have to be considered important attributes of successful brainstorming.

Mind Mapping

Out of the few things I learned in high school, only brainstorming creates value for me today. It can awaken everything that lies dormant in your mind and lead you to the right solution. Below are some videos, ideas, and techniques that may help you with whatever business related issue you’re contending with.

You’re perpetually creating your own future right now in the moment.  Improve your creative visualization techniques and you’re on your way to being a better entrepreneur and business problem solver. Creative brainstorming techniques can improve your communications too, from power point presentations to discovering your exact customer profiles for improved web site engagement.

Widen Your Perspective

Every worker is expected to adapt to new technology, create more value, and foresee future issues. That’s why creating broader awareness, adaptability and clear decision making is so vital to progression. Anyone who sees the full scope of their task is likely to make the right decision. Focus too much on your next incremental product improvement and production delay, and you risk not seeing the broader picture and end up becoming the next Research in Motion disaster.

Current executive training still focuses on decision making, but without the full array of possibilities and assets, what will this polished process culminate in? I’m a big fan of Tony Robbins accelerated type programs in making purposeful decisions, but without the good creative groundwork, you’re spinning your wheels. Garbage in is still garbage out as computer programmers well know.

Brainstorming is just a process, a helper, to nurture and optimize your creative thinking power. Apps might help just like pencil and paper. The goal is to awaken perception and connect ideas, so you find the path to the right solution.

Brainstorming generally leads to structured approaches such as mindmapping. Check out the imind app and other apps. Imindmap in particular helps you visualize in 3D which is in essence the best way to problem solve. 2D is too limited.

  1. What is the core problem you need to solve?
  2. What areas are connected to the problem?
  3. What are internal and external success factors?
  4. What is the target customer profile?

Brainstorming comes in different formats: note taking, list writing, clustering,

What plagues business leaders and workers today is narrow, results-oriented thinking, which crowds our more lateral and associative thinking.

They were teaching brainstorming techniques in school back in the 70’s, long before the web came along and told us what everybody else is doing. If you’re a CEO or entrepreneur, you can’t do what everyone else is doing. Thought leaders don’t follow although they do listen. They’re tuned into something down the road and they integrate it into their theories and processes.

Personal brainstorming is a creative technique that can help you visualize your problem or challenge more quickly, see threats and opportunities ahead of time, and improve your awareness of solutions.


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