Buyer Personas: The Holy Grail of Marketing

It’s amazing how many businesses do their marketing and advertising without really having an accurate profile of their prospective new customer. How can you persuade someone if you know nothing about them?

Too many company’s strategy is to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. But trial and error may not be good enough anymore. You need insight.

The holy grail of Internet marketing today is in customer profiles or personas as they’re called. That’s the focus of big data as it’s called. Big companies are culling as much about customer profiles as they can. They’re even using it to predict which customers will have the best lifetime value.

Even though you never get direct access to such data, by taking the time and effort to build customer profiles, you’re better able to align all your business processes including marketing to serve your customers or clientele.

Choose Wisely. That just means to choose your target customer right. If you get that right, you’re making everyone else’s job that much easier. The perfect customer aligns perfectly with the people and resources in your company. No friction, no trouble, the perfect fit for maximum satisfaction for your staff. They’ll like you for that.

Keep Gathering Insight

Personas or profiles are typically creating with information from the customer’s age, gender, profession, income, product types, and features sought. I know a shopkeeper who remembered my name one year after I had visited his store. That is amazing. However, he doesn’t keep detailed records on who they are, what they like, and what their future buying intentions might be.

That can be a big problem as he plans his retail strategy for the next year.  He could carry all the wrong inventory. And you don’t have to be off the mark by much to see your sales dive.

A key practice for you is to begin recording everything you can about your customers. Keep it on a spreadsheet.  Record name, age, item purchased, date and time of day purchased, styles preferred, and anything else.  Ask them questions about what they might buy next. What products interest them? If you want to know, ask them. They’ll be pleased that you’re interested in what they want.

So there’s our rationale for digging in to get more detailed insight about customer’s purchase history, pain, needs, buying preferences and other demographic and psychographic information.  On top of that, there’s the stage of the buying process they’re in, customer pain, industry, type of product/solution, and the company type.

Online Surveys

One powerful discovery tool we have used is Survey Monkey. It generates surprising insights into customer attitudes and preferences. You design your survey thoughtfully to expose these customer attitudes which by the way, they normally wouldn’t tell you.


Survey Monkey


Credibility & Usefulness

If you’ve captured enough information to discover a customer profile(s), then these “personas” are who you create your content for.

If no one is paying attention to your content, it may not be the quality. It’s likely not of enough interest to your targeted prospects. It’s no slight on you. It is challenging even for the best pros to capture audiences and keep them engaged until they become a customer. Even to keep current customers engaged requires some deep thought.

Most online marketers talk about credibility in terms of trust and authority, but really, customers consider you and your marketing credible if responds precisely to what they interested in.  If your web site content, social media content and blog content resonate with their questions and points of view, they will consider you relevant and credible.

This is how you compete with the big competitors in your sector. You resonate better with customers than those huge impersonal corporations. The internet really does allow small companies to compete effectively, if they play their cards well.

Get a competent and enthusiastic digital marketing company on your side. We can pick you up by the bootstraps and give your whole company a much needed lift. That’s what marketing is all about ─  building and sharing the spirit of your business. It’s one of the things that can truly differentiate your business from all your competition.

Talk to us about targeted content generation.


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