CES 2011 – Tablets and 3D galore

The consumer electronics show for those who don’t know is a giant technology trade show that’s held in Las Vegas every January. This is where all the big boys (and girls) come to show off all of their new technology and the consumer gets a glimpse at what they can expect to see out in the coming year. CNET has posted their awards for the best of CES which stands as a good overview of the show, so I thought I’d just post a few of my thoughts about what I’m excited for, or sceptical about (spoiler alert: RealNetworks).
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Best of Show – Motorola Xoom

The winner for the best of show was the Motorola Xoom which comes as no surprise since everyone and their mother will be launching a tablet this year.

So what’s awesome about this you ask?

  • Runs on an android tablet specific build called honeycomb so it should be lightning fast

  • It has 32 gigs of memory, and expandable SD slot for an extra 32 gigs (you hear that apple, expandable memory!).

  • It has a camera so you’ll finally be able to skype on a tablet.

  • It’s a good size at 10.2” screen, which is what I think the Samsung Galaxy failed at with their 7” screen.

  • Flash capable (which I’m not too excited about, but people are)

I think the real question here is will it be enough to pull people away from the ipad? They already have a solid app ecosystem and it integrates wonderfully with iTunes, it will be interesting.

Prototype – Toshiba Glasses Free 3D Laptop

While it’s not perfect, and certainly nowhere near launching the 3D laptop is definitely a cool idea. The camera detects your eyes, and then moves the 3D image with the movement of your head so that as long as you’re within its field of view you can see the 3D image. I think everyone just likes the idea of not having to wear glasses while watching your TV. And the fact that they’re able to get a prototype working in something as small as a laptop leads me to believe 3D tablets are going to be around the corner (a corner being a very long 5+ year corner).

RealNetworks Unifi

How this won an award I will never know. The idea of Unifi is that it’s a cloud based system that is built to aggregate your photos, music and video files across multiple devices.

Why do I not think this is a good idea?

  • 2 gigs come free, after that you have to pay for it. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure 90% of the people that would use this have way more than 2 gigs of stuff they’d want to access.

  • Plans up to 100 gigs, so if I want any sort of usable space I’m paying a monthly fee for it, which will probably be $7.99 a month, just so I can access files from the cloud.

  • There are better ways to stream audio/video/pictures which don’t have a monthly fee attached to them. (AirVideo, Subsonic, Flickr)

  • Do you really need access to all of your multimedia at every second of the day? If I’m going on a plane I’ll load up my iPad, long commutes I already have tons of music on my iPod, to me it just seems excessive.

  • Finally, it’s RealNetworks people. Real Media Player never works for me, when it does its slow, can the consumer really trust them to deliver a quality could based service?


For full coverage of all the best stuff voted by CNET and to learn more about other products go to http://ces.cnet.com, they do a really good job at covering CES.

*Author note, I am in no way shape or form affiliated with CNET in anyway, I just really like their CES roundup.

So what is everyone else pumped about?


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