Cheap Website Designing: Fact or Friction

WEEK ONE – What a deal! Ordered a new website for $99 on line.

WEEK TWO – Not up yet – left an email from their CONTACT US link.

WEEK THREE – DUDE sent an email saying they are working on it.

WEEK FOUR – Got the website up. But the address is wrong, the template isn’t what I asked for and they left the area code off my telephone number. The product photos are not loading. Tried to call “DUDE”, but no telephone number. Left email again.

WEEK FIVE – “DUDE” calls. Can’t fix it right now, got finals, gotta cram.

WEEK SIX – emailed again. “DUDE” calls. Had a wicked 2 weeks snowboarding. Hammered an ollie but wiped out on a grind and we got totally wasted. Oh yeah, by the way, if the Stock Photo company phones you about the shots you have on your site, tell them you purchased them ok?

WEEK SEVEN – Site still not fixed and customers can’t get through on the email link. Called “DUDE”. Want to move my site to another company. “DUDE” says “You can’t do that Dude! You don’t own it, I do! I registered it. Oh, but I’ll sell it to ya for $20K!

Alright so maybe this is a little exaggerated, but the point is still the same. Sometimes the cheapest option is not the best option. Do it right the first time, it will save you money, time AND YOUR BUSINESS.


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