Cost Per Click Advertising: The Team Approach to Success

It is well documented and blogged about that keyword research and keyword selection is one of the most important factors of a successful cost per click campaign. There is no doubt that researching and careful selection of keywords is the backbone to any great campaign, but it is not a winning format in and of itself.

Try and look at search engine marketing as a hockey team. The team is only as good as it’s weakest link.

Keywords Research & Selection – Goaltender

As mentioned above keyword research and selection is the backbone to any great cost per click strategy just like a goaltender is the backbone of any great hockey team.

Keywords are like goaltenders & must be focused – example: landscaping vs. landscaping company Toronto

With the above example, if a user types in “landscaping” they may be searching for landscaping ideas, landscaping supplies or even landscaping paintings. All of which would not be quality clicks to your website. By focusing your keywords you will ultimately attract more quality leads and your goals will become more attainable

Ad Groups – Defense

Without organized, responsible defensemen your team would be in disarray. There would be total confusion and in turn there would be no chance of team success. The same applies for Google AdWords. Success depends on organization.

Ad groups are like defencemen & must be organized – Google’s learning center suggests that “ad groups should be organized by common theme, product, or goal”. Here are some examples of organized ad groups vs. poorly structured ad groups:

✔ Ad Group

Dentist Markham
Dentist Markham, Ontario
Dentist Office Markham
Markham Dentists

✔ Ad Group

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening Services
Teeth Whitening Markham

X Ad Group

Teeth Whitening
Dental Surgery Markham
Mouth Guards Toronto
Braces For Teens

Ad Text/ Copy – Wingers

Power is the key to being a successful winger at a high level in hockey. Wins and losses are often determined by the winger’s grit, determination and fight for the puck. Optimizing your ad text with powerful calls to action is the key to increasing your click through rate.

Ad text/ copy are like wingers & must be powerful – The single goal of your AdWords text is to entice the potential customer to click on your ad, therefore the ad copy should be written with powerful statements and calls to action. Take a look at these examples of powerful ad copy and weak ad copy:

Weak Ad Copy

Wedding Dresses – We have wedding dresses in stock

Powerful Ad Copy

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses – For Your Perfect Day
30% OFF all Orders before June 1st! Call 905.123.4567 for FREE consultation

Landing Page Design – Centre

The centre in hockey is responsible for tying the team together. The centre’s role is a complex one and involves multiple tasks including: winning face-offs, covering the low zone defensively and most importantly scoring goals. A custom landing page design is similar to the centre position in hockey and is critical to the success of a cost per click campaign specifically in terms of closing the sale (scoring a goal).

Landing page design is like a centremen & must tie everything together – There are several do’s and don’ts of landing page design. Below is a list of some of the most important things to consider:

– Use of keyword in Header
– Keywords in content
– Visually pleasing & organized

– Quick ways to purchase/ contact
– Give users a sense of security
– Custom tailored to your audience

Stay tuned for more expert advice on Cost Per Click Advertising (CPC)…


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