Who Needs a Cheesehead? Creating Raving Fans For Your Business

When you think of a raving fan, what comes to mind first? Probably a sports team right? Can you visualize a Leaf’s fan with their blue and white Maple Leaf jersey and face painted? How about a Green Bay Packer cheesehead in full gear? They’re having fun and they’re really into it.


Image Credit: Bjorn Hanson

Crazy Sports Fans are Loyal and Dedicated

Why are sports fans so fervent about their favourite teams? It comes down to two things: first, they identify with a group, where they enjoy being a part of something social which strengthens their own identity; and second, it gives them an opportunity to express themselves enthusiastically.

These things might not be present in their regular lives, so their beloved Leafs or Packers sports team becomes the focus of that enthusiasm. They talk about them whenever they can, even online. So what if you tapped into that spirit and need for your business? That has some potential doesn’t it?

Accountants with Fans? It’s Already Happened

The average lawyer, accountant, real estate agent, doctor, dentist or service professional might believe they could never have fans. A fan is just someone who speaks well of you, is interested in what you do. When patients/clients share your t-shirts, hats, giftpack, or use your branded golf ball, they’re a fan.

It’s your good service or products that embed the impulse for them to be the one to tell others about you.

Social Media – All About Generating Fans

Social media strategy is really about high quality connections, not just how many followers you can get. People who need what you have to offer or who want to let others know of the value you provide.

It’s just like it is in real life. Take good care of your customers and give lots of what they need. In turn, they’ll follow you on social media and share your message with others. Your content is your message.

Your content has to be valuable. It should inspire, teach, acknowledge, and support your customer’s perspective and should possess value for whoever receives it.

That’s why you see marketers creating videos, infographics, white papers, and blog posts. This content possesses value and there’s an eager audience looking for it.

Getting that content to your local customers is a challenge. Your current customers are a good way to start. From there, your social pages and website work to generate more. From tweeting to blogging to setting up a Pinterest board, you need to create an online social media presence that makes your potential customers want to do business with you.

That’s how they become your “Cheeseheads.”


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