Are Your Customers Engaged or Bored?

You’re Engaged!! Ahh, No, Not Really

Are your customers fascinated with your business and completely captivated by your website content and social media material? That will tell you a lot about how engaged you’re making them.

Engaged means totally in love, completely absorbed, and fully into the topic and your business goals. If they’re not into it, then you haven’t done your job.

Take another look at your website content right now. Is it enthralling to visitors? Why not? What’s preventing you from creating superb content that gets visitors completely engaged with your company?

Most visitors arrive at your site because they have hopes, questions, and needs. They think you may be able to help, but they’re not at all sure. If your visitor conversion rate is 2%, that means 98% are not engaged with your content or business. Huge room for improvement.

Super Engagement Hero to the Rescue

That’s where your designers, content strategist and copywriters come in to deliver a compelling experience – one that grabs them emotionally and tells them that you’re the only provider who is relevant and who solves their pain and makes their dreams come true.

Super Customer Engagement

But a lot has to be done before they’re convinced.

Most articles on engagement refer to tactics, which almost never work. You need a larger engagement strategy before they will. So let’s look at the basics of that strategy.

Engagement Definition: to hold attention, interest, interact and bind with a promise.

Get to Know Your Customer

If you want to engage your audience, you start with what they’re interested in, what their pain is, and what topics they’re interested in. Without getting into topics customers are truly interested in, engagement will never happen. And that means no customers, no sales.

Find topics that your customers/visitors are interested in.

That’s your starting point.

The quality of your engaging content and your strategy really hinges on how well you know your customers and what they do online. You need to get out there, experience your customer’s world. Go to their place of business, ask questions, record your impressions, and talk with their customers.

You need to find out why customers choose one business over the other 20+ companies they could have chosen. Sometimes the answer is very subtle, but it underlies deeper truths about what the customer thinks their pain is.

Off-road jeep

Joe is thinking about buying a new Jeep. He’s a programmer during the day, but keeps feeling increasingly unfulfilled with his life. He’s seen the ads for Jeeps and how everyone is having fun driving them. They have fun, adventurous, exciting lifestyles. Joe wants more excitement thinking this will solve his pain. Jeep’s unique value proposition was more relevant than anything else.

Which topics respond to his deepest pains and interests? Could be off-road driving locations, how jeeps have the lowest insurance rates, about how women love jeeps, about travel to mountainous regions, cool jeep accessories, about traction in winter driving, about how athletic off-roading is, stories about how someone else came to love jeep off-roading, or about how jeeps are the perfect cottage country companion.

Any of these topics would appeal to his pain, hopes, desires and expectations. He’d be glued to a well-planned article on these topics. The topics alone carry a promise he’s looking for, a source of satisfaction he needs, and a belief that it’s right for him. The promise is the hook that keeps him engaged with your article and ready to absorb your sales pitch (if you sell jeeps, you’re in luck!).

When you’re talking about engagement begin with your customer’s pains and needs and interests, and then pave a path to a solution they can believe in. Don’t forget that for them, this is an adventure and you need a process or journey that’s pleasurable.

Remember that your words, stories and images must be ones they can relate to and believe in. The greater the engagement, the greater likelihood you’ll be the one in 20+ companies they choose.


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