Gesture Controlled Interfaces: Coming Together With Technology

When I bought my latest smartphone, the Note 3, it was much like all the smartphones available, except it had a larger and gesture-enabled display. I knew the gesture capability was limited, but I just liked the idea of controlling it like a wizard with my hands.

Soon, we’ll all be wizards, using sweeps, pinches, pokes, grasps, and waves to control objects, messaging, games, and entertainment. From our phones to our stoves to video games, gesture controls will be common. For tens of thousands of years, humans have used gestures to communicate and share. With the new wave of glass-based interactive screens coming out, we’ll be using our hands again naturally.

Is it Devolution? Hardly!

There are critics who associate gestures and touch-based interfaces with the trend toward obesity, lower intelligence, poor social skills, and kids addicted to their devices, left with only virtual friends. But what’s happening really is a revolution in how we communicate. It’s finding its way into web design and programming today. Web sites now will be interactive.

Wouldn’t it be Nice to be Keyboard-free?


We’ve been typing on keyboards now for 30+ years and I’m sure you’ll agree that using the keyboard isn’t the most enlivening activity. It’s boring, dull, and routine. Enter the gesture-based interface and you can see how interacting with your computer screen will be fun.

And the videos below really show you how this technology will invade our lives. Will it annoy and control us, or entertain and educate us? I guess that’s up to us.

Not only will gesture based interaction invade our personal and work lives, we’ll see it increasingly in retail environments as well.

The adoption curve for gesture-based screens is propelling the whole display market today. Production of displays is expected to grow strongly and as features like 3D depth sensing become more accurate and affordable, it’ll spawn new software products as well.

Sales of new gesture-based displays.

Courtesy of NPD DisplaySearch Gesture Sensing Control for Smart Devices Report

Courtesy of NPD DisplaySearch Gesture Sensing Control for Smart Devices Report.

The videos below show how amazing gesture-based displays are and will give you a glimpse into the future.

Interactive Glass Screens will Change Our Lives

Myo – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs


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