Getting the Word Out – Nothing Beats Testimonials and Reviews

Stats reveal that 70% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and 46% trust consumer recommendations. Trust is a big factor in purchases, and these are the best promotional tactics you can use to get a positive mention.

It rarely happens like magic however. People are busy and few have the time to review or recommend your business.  But you have lots of happy customers and all you need to harvest that good word of mouth is to find them and encourage them. It’s that easy!

Well, okay you do need a systematic list of procedures to create your recommendation engine.  Here’s our list of 10 things you need to do to create powerful, persuasive recommendations from your customers:

1.   Your Hook. This is an emotional cue that captures their attention and interest. It could be an enticing element of the product they have or an accessory they might buy.  It could also involve using an incentive or indicating the reason your product/company is so awesome and worthy of mentioning to others.

2.   Your incentive – a contest or free giveaway is a good way to get their attention and get them to act. If you’re dentist, offer free teeth whitening. If you own a bike shop, do a quick fix of their bike for free and get them back on the road quick.  List 5 key benefits and features of your product. These can be used to remind customers of why they chose your business/product.

3.   What do you want them to think about? The wording of your email, or special web page should be written to get them thinking about some aspect of the product, value or brand. Whatever is most important to them.

4.   Set up accounts where reviews are published: Google+, Facebook, Yahoo local, Yelp, Linkedin, or even Twitter. They need a place to go and say something nice about your company. If they have a Gmail account then they could review you on Google+.

5.   Make it a simple process.  Ask, and encourage them to comment on your blog, Facebook or Google+. Give them ideas on what to talk about (see tips 1 and 2).

5.   Set up Google alerts or use Sprout Social to find comments about you or your company. There might be a glowing testimonial, customer name, or comment you can leverage further. By listening, you’ll hear what customers and consumers are talking about. (Sprout Social Homepage)

6.   Write an effectively worded and designed email request and send it out to customers you know are happy.

7.   Compile 5 to 7 testimonials minimum and several long reviews that speak to your best features and benefits.

8.   Put social media icons on your website and checkout pages so they can immediately go to their social account and say something nice.

9.   Never use paid reviews. Your competitor might discover you did it.

10.  Ask them for a favour. It will only take a minute of their time and they can do it by replying to the email, or by using their favorite social media channel.

Make it a point to ask customers for reviews and testimonials regularly.

Hopefully, these 10 testimonial tips will give you all you need to create a fantastic testimonial page, and build your company’s credibility with your target market. Make sure you come back and let us know how it went.


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