Google’s at it Again! Penguin 2.0

If you’re really into web marketing like we are, you pay attention when Google decides to change their search engine indexing scheme. That means changing which websites they show in search results.

Google is demanding that we all create valuable, interesting and sharable content that provides a good experience for their users. But how many people know how to do that?

They give their big ranking updates warm and fuzzy names like Penguin and Panda, but for some website owners it’s a cold, empty feeling. Suddenly, their site traffic is gone and they’ve got a lump in their throat. Well, if that’s you, then you need to change how you approach getting your site seen on Google. It’s definitely worth it, and we’ve got some SEO ranking tips for you.

Google occasionally updates its search results, either by improving the good stuff or eliminating the bad stuff. If your content is poor quality or there are poor quality web sites linking to your website, this will damage your rankings. Good SEO companies don’t play tricks, they help you improve your content and acquire good links.

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The solution is to improve your inbound marketing content. The Penguin 2.0 update is simply a filter to give an advantage to sites with good content. Google wants searchers to have a good experience and find reliable information from credible sources. There is a lot of inaccurate and misleading info on the web, and Google is the one serving it up to searchers — and it could be your customers reading that misleading information.

They want to lead their users to higher quality content produced by trustworthy, authoritative and likable sources. In essence, you have to start being one of those reliable, credible, trustworthy, and likable providers of information. Now it’s not all dull, straightforward data served up for the masses. You make your content interesting, and in a targeted fashion that captures the imagination of the people you want to reach. When you do this, the authenticity of your communication is picked up by Google.

Google Penguin 2.0

Google says this update is to catch more web spam and is supposed to be a major change to how they index. Penguin punishes those who use their targeted keywords too much. Moderation and good placement are the keys now. Those who were paying for links to their site within Advertorials will see lower rankings, and popular keywords are being handled differently.

Those who were achieving rankings using spam links are being targeted for demotion. All search engines have an ongoing battle with “black hat” spammers.

Here’s Matt Cutts on What’s Up for this Summer

What is Good Content in Google’s View?

They believe good content is informative/helpful and that other relevant website owners or writers cite this in their web pages or blogs. They link to it and talk about it in their person social media circles too. If your content (video, blogs, offers/contests, webpages, social media activity) is buzzworthy/high quality, then Google will pick up its digital trail. That’s what you want.

Google Quality Content is:

  • Helpful
  • Sharable
  • Credible
  • Uses keywords moderately
  • Uses keyword phrases in the right places
  • Rich (video, social media, copywriting)
  • Has links from social media sites
  • Cited by other websites
  • Well written and well structured

Not that high quality content is easy to create. This is a key area of internet marketing where businesses need help.

One indexing factor that is becoming prominent is called Google Authorship. It’s something you sign up for and use coding to identify your content to Google. This builds trust with them.

At the end of this though, you must create content that’s well written, valuable to readers, exciting to share with others, and in a way that Google’s indexing system can understand. The rewards aren’t just big traffic, but highly targeted traffic – customers who need what you sell.

Sorry if it seems a little complicated, but Google is complicated. If you need help in building quality content, making your business appear more likable, and improving your inbound marketing strategy, then it might be time to give us a call. We’ll help you make Google happy with your site.

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