Harley Davidson Ride Book

Cruising through my twitter feed this morning I noticed that Harley Davidson recently launched a ride book, like any curious web marketer I always enjoy seeing what big brands are doing, and spoiler alert… it’s amazing.

The Design:


The first thing that draws you in is the classic open road picture, and the statement of what this is all about.

The riding manual from the voice of those few who cherish the search for a new scenery with the wind in their face. A glimpse into a stripped down lifestyle, free of the clutter and filled with style, quality, and the essentials.

Navigating the site is easy, and each page has been crafted to suit the needs of the content not the other way around.

The Content:


Instead of Harley creating it’s own content, they were smart, they found writers and artists that embodied what Harley was looking to present and had them create it.

You get a taste of everything, the people, the culture, the music, the garage, the travel, & the style. My favourite by far is the music, perfectly curated from riding music, to sitting in a bar enjoying a nice cold beverage. (ed note: looking at the facebook comments in their music section, it has come to my attention that I might not know what biker music is)

The other great part of getting artists and writers to create the content for you is Harley has already built in content marketing since everyone who has their hand in this site will want to tell their fans all about it.

The Programming:

What else is there to say, it’s an interactive site that’s fun to navigate and it’s not built in flash.

I like the idea of the facebook social plugin at the bottom of the pages except it kind of backfires in the music section.


I would like to give out a slow clap to the fine people at Harley. While I can’t speak for how this site makes a Harley owner feel, I can say that it makes me want to hop on a Harley and cruise the open roads.


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