Internet Advertising Grows Fast Again – 111%

Where do you put your marketing dollars today?  Increasingly, small and medium sized businesses are turning to the Internet. The shift is remarkable in size and scope.  What’s exciting for SMB’s is that large scale advertising is reaching local markets.

Are you watching as much TV as you used to? The stats show we aren’t, particularly younger generations. And when consumers watch television they are distracted by their mobile devices or are using a PVR to watch the show ad-free!

Consumers are inundated with advertising and they’ve learned how to shut that noise out.

You can’t ignore these cultural changes. Mass media is in for a tough time. You’re likely aware of the growth and power of internet marketing, but just haven’t made that 100% commitment to it. Something’s missing and you just can’t push the go button.

There are plenty of stats available, but sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. Take a big picture view of where marketing and advertising are going. Spending is moving to the internet, and you can only avoid this powerful shift for so long.  Only one graphic is needed to show how important internet advertising is becoming. This is the US trends and Canada is very similar.

Internet Growth 2012


Where Is All the Money Going?

This screenshot courtesy of IAB reveals the changes in internet marketing spend. Search still dominates, mostly because of Google pay per click spend, banner advertising,  mobile, and digital video. These will continue to dominate with mobile and video growing the fastest.  The ability of video to engage and inform is undeniable. Combine video with powerful textual content and marketers have a winning formula for powerful internet marketing.

Internet Marketing 2012

Although there are excellent mediums to promote your business to your local target audience, just one of them alone will likely not work. This is still advertising really, and you need multiple impressions and engagement to get that customer to buy.  Exposure on Google search, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook might be necessary to make your business look relevant.

The key to successful small/medium biz marketing is integration. Get your campaign firing on all cylinders and you’ll see it move. The challenge here is that you won’t be able to use a doityourself approach. What’s changed in the last few years is the rise of the integrated digital agency.  That’s your missing piece.  An agency has all the graphic, video, SEO, and content generation capabilities you don’t have.  Digital agencies have a level of skill as well, that your staff or local web design doesn’t possess.  Your customers and prospects expect quality.  The conclusion is obvious – leverage an agency’s capabilities and you’ll be ahead of the curve in getting results online.


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