Is your Website attracting or detracting visitors?

I always stress why websites should be professionally designed and how important first impressions are; sometimes clients cannot see the big picture. This is one of our latest success stories of a client who could see the big picture.

We recently re-designed Skyloft Ski Resort‘s website back in December 2010.They’re a family Ski resort and Wedding destination in Southern Ontario. You can view a before and after website shot on our gallery at or go directly to their website at

We set them up with Google analytics which we do with every client, and to Skyloft Ski Resort’s delight, they had gotten 34,000 website hits in just three months. With no pre redesign traffic statistics to benchmark with we can’t be sure how much they were previously receiving but we do know this year their public ticket sales increased by 25% over previous years. It also allowed 34,000 people to get a better impression than the previous website, which could have changed their decision to ski and snowboard at Skyloft instead of their competitors.

Your website is the face of your company and is the first thing potential clients see when they are searching online. It is an investment and if you are not willing to spend money to make your business look professional, customers will think that your workmanship isn’t either.

A few things to consider:

  1. How many potential clients are viewing your website and leaving with bad tastes in their mouths?

  2. How many potential clients are you missing out on because your website doesn’t look professional?

  3. Is your website properly optimized for Search Engines to show up on searches?

Invest in your business today and let us help you grow!


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