Landing Page Strategy: Quadruple Your Sales?

In a previous post we discussed 15 landing page tips and we hope you found them practical.

What we want to do now is make the content strategy more effective, maybe to quadruple your sales.

If you’re using any landing page optimization service such as Optimizely, Hubspot, or Unbounce, they can help you tweak the details. But for the big picture, we think these tips can help you get better performance from your online marketing, especially since top performance doesn’t come with a landing page template. It comes from customization and a strategy.

Tactical Maneuvers

Your landing page greets visitors from PPC ads and organic/social sources. Data from Hubspot suggests that if you have a variety of landing pages for each target visitor, you’re going to convert better. Makes sense. Each is more relevant and responds to each group’s specific needs.  Therefore, make landing pages for each.

Clear and to the Point

Most people click away because they can’t understand the content right off the bat. Simplify, unclutter, but still possess the highest quality content possible. That means you have to work on it.

Strategic Process

Visitors scan to create an understanding. What do they see first and what is their train of thought? Beginning with the page name and the title heading, how does each element work systematically with the others to build emotion and generate a customer action?

  1. Logo: this graphic denotes professionalism, standards and a memorable corporate image to generate an emotion of trust.
  2. Heading – Needs to convey your promise with an essential benefit or value they can’t get easily anywhere else – This is Your Hook.
  3. Lead paragraph: this sentence or two uses details to bring the benefits read in the heading, closer to the reader.
  4. 2nd Paragraph: might contain a story or wrap around a visual that’s placed just to the right. The goal being to generate urgency and strong emotions in the reader.
  5. Body Copy: Reiterates unique benefits and emotions for each benefit.
  6. Relevant Pictures: Photos bring life into it and stir specific emotions.
  7. Call to Action: Creates a reason for the customer to purchase. Adds incentive for clicking and moving ahead.

Review the Strategic Process

  • Make sure each of the sections of your landing page add benefits and build emotion.
  • Offer a unique value proposition, hook their attention, add benefits to build interest and emotion, and build a story that makes your offering tangible and real.
  • Finish it off with limited calls to action to force a decision.
  • The last line on your page should reduce post purchase anxiety.

In general, is your copywriting not convincing? Might be time to make your copywriting more effective and pick up your content marketing a little too. What are the keys to high quality content?

SEO is also going to impact how you word and construct your paragraphs so be sure to learn these SEO tips. If your campaigns aren’t working, these social media tips should help.


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