Maya Hair/Fur Made Simple Tutorial

Although Maya hair/fur can get pretty involved with hundreds of parameters to play with, setting up the basics can be quite simple and make for some good results. I’ve put together this tutorial to help with the beginning steps of putting together a good head of hair.

Step One: To start with, duplicate your model’s head and start to select all the faces you wish the hair to be corresponding with. Sometimes its a good idea to smooth out your model in order to get more specific areas.

Step Two: Go to Polygons > Mesh > Extract to remove faces from the rest of the model. This is now going to be your hair plane. Delete the rest of the duplicated model.

Step Three: Turn off all your other layers so you are just dealing with the hair plane. Select your skull and go to Rendering > Fur > Attach Fur Description, or just select one of the presets in your Fur Shelf.

Step Four: Start playing with parameters. This is where you can certainly get some interesting results. Something I usually tend to do in raise the density and global scale. It makes for a fuller head of hair(if that’s what your going towards). You can also control the length, curl, roll, and scraggle. I find these to all be pretty significant parameters when finding the look I’m going for.

Here is a rendered image of just the hair plane with the above parameters.

Step Five: Next, turn back on all your layers and scale the hair plane so it is slightly smaller than the rest of the head.

Now select the hair plane, then the head and go to Edit > Parent. Now your hair should be parented to the main model. Wherever your character moves, your hair will go too.

Step Six: Remember, this is just the basics. Try playing with different parameters for all sorts of results. Below is the image of my final result after some final adjustments.

Its now time to put on your creative cap and make it truly yours!


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