Net Neutrality: A Quick Overview On The Fastest Way To Break The Internet

Essentially net neutrality is the idea that the speed of your internet shouldn’t be determined by what you’re accessing online. The internet as it is today is the same speed whether you’re streaming a video or checking your email, if the telecom companies have their way then the internet will be segmented into a two tiered system.

Explained better and with video below:

The New Non Neutral Internet

What will the internet of the future look like if net neutrality goes away? For a look into the future, just visit this concept. While telecom companies claim they’ll be charging the companies that use more bandwidth not the end consumer, once they have the power to do what they want it’s not a far stretch to imagine you’ll be paying them for faster access to your favourite sites.

But I Don’t Stream Movies or Music

A lot of people make the argument that they don’t use Netflix, Spotify or any streaming services online so they don’t care if net neutrality goes away. The truth is that if telecom companies charge businesses for faster internet use, then startup companies that don’t have the budget to pay them will suffer. A non neutral internet will most likely stifle creative internet startups

What Can You Do?

If you visit Save The Internet you’ll see the ways to help keep net neutrality. The easiest is sending a quick comment to the FCC. By filing a comment with the FCC you’re publicly stating that you want to keep an open, neutral internet.

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