Online Advertising Is More Than Just Optimizing Ad Copy

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Have you ever felt like you were between a rock and a hard place getting squeezed when it comes to marketing?  Did your last digital advertising campaign fizzle out on you? And then your FREE content campaign didn’t seem to generate much either?

Yes, small business marketing is tough. It’s like everything is set up for the big companies to thrive and you just get squeezed. You know what? It’s always been that way. But hey, the good news is you have options to give you the advantage.

Paid and Earned Media

The truth about paid advertising is that it can work if it’s done exceedingly well.  There’s new tools and analytics solutions that can help optimize your campaign. That’s your paid media.

Your earned media is the content you generate through your own effort via social media posts, infographics, white papers, and blog posts and their visibility on the web.

Many marketers conduct paid media campaigns without sufficient content of this type.  They rely on a direct flyer approach that can convert the easiest leads. But these leads are the most price sensitive ones.

Time to Beef up that Thin Content

Beef up that content

Too many advertisers use thin, low quality content which some have dubbed “fluff.” It just doesn’t have the flavour to really grab and engage customers. And if you’re paying $25 a click through, you’d better have some delicious content for visitors to enjoy.

Online ads can certainly generate visitors but the best often only convert 1% to 3% of them. Improve that rate and your advertising spend will be productive. That 98% that didn’t stick around is a mighty tantalizing target.

Ads are hard to differentiate though; basically a couple of lines of text that looks the same as competitor’s ads. Where you can make a difference is the content your ads point to.

To Create Delicious Content:

  • Your ad copy – has to catch eyes and entice — and get them to click through
  • Your ad landing pages – need to have the specific benefits they want, and present them in a delectable way
  • Your website – needs to create credibility, confidence, authority and trust as though you’re the only provider to consider
  • Your content – needs to entertain, give info, peak their interest and answer their pressing questions
  • Your social media pages – needs to show social proof – that their friends/influencers also believe in your company and product
  • Your unique value proposition – your product/service needs to stand out from the rest so it clearly is the one to choose

Customers Want the Chef’s Best

Chefs best

I’ve seen plenty of situations where the advertising program was good, but didn’t perform. It hit the right target for a reasonable price. What failed was the company’s value proposition. It wasn’t competitive and the website content lacked the depth and credibility to back up claims and generate clear preference.


The key take away here, is that you need to optimize everything that your visitor experiences. If you do it, then your paid ad campaigns could pay off.

Paid advertising is a normal part of an Internet marketing campaign and shouldn’t be considered wasted funds. If your use of paid and earned media is integrated and coordinated strategically, it helps to generate that strong push that gets the customer to buy.

So don’t listen to all the doomsday gossip online. Advertisers keep pouring money into AdWords campaigns, and they couldn’t keep doing it unless they are making it work.


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