Ravenshoe at InboundCon 2016

This past October marked Ravenshoe’s second year at InboundCon 2016 and it was another great one. As one of the few digital marketing conferences in Canada, it brings together some of the brightest individuals in the digital marketing realm to share their inside tips with digital marketers, marketing executives, managers and SEO specialists in a various sized businesses and industries.

This year’s event was packed with loaded topics and some of the best speakers in the industry, almost doubling the previous year’s number with 11 different topics and presenters, packing in the most critical points in each 45 minute session.

The round-up of presenters included:

Dev Basu – The Preeminence Mindset

April Dunford – Using Modern Positioning to Dominate Your Market and Kick-start Your Growth

Kimbe MacMaster – The Best-Kept Secrets to Turning Viewers into Customers (faster!) with Video

Matthew Hunt – How My Addiction to Self-help Books, My Acting Career, My Children, My Office Door, My Accountant, & My Dyslexia Have Taught Me Everything I Need to Know to Make Online Paid Advertising Campaigns 10 Times Better!

Wil Reynolds – The Modern SEO’s Approach to Winning with Google and People

Jeff Goldenberg – 10 Tricks to Growth Hack your Email Marketing

Cara Harshman – How to Use The Building Blocks of Website Personalization To Unlock More Sales

Chris Stolz – How to Astound Your Audience With Your Website That It Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!

Mark Sullivan – From Toxic Mold to Google Analytics: How to Create Meaningful Reports

Myles Anderson – Leveraging Your Reputation to Drive More Clicks & Calls

Michael Aagaard – You’re Making My Brain Hurt! The Psychology Behind Terrible Conversion Experiences

Whether you sat through a few presentations or were able to stick around for the full day, InboundCon did a good job of catering to various levels of marketing experience and as evidenced by some of the attendees we met during the day, provided everyone with some moments of inspiration and clarity with what you’re currently doing for business and what you could do for their business.

InboundCon Ravenshoegroup Toronto

Here are some key takeaways from the talks:

  • You need to constantly evaluate our marketing efforts and put every campaign/project to the “Is This Valuable to My Target/Client?” The answer should be “Yes” before launch every time.
  • Attention spans are short. Make online navigation of websites, campaigns as quick and seamless as possible. Show your value to them simply and help them act intuitively with cues, one-clicks, etc.
  • You need to stand out. How can you make your customers say “Wow!” People are constantly bombarded with the same messaging for similar products and services, you need to understand your prospect’s intentions, find ways to capture their attention, nurture relationships and build their trust. Think like your audience, not like a marketer.
  • Search is not linear. Understand how people go from click to buying. Deliver content that helps your prospects’ problems, meet their needs and deliver what they actually want.
  • Find out what your business value is in the market place. Position your business in the right context to help the audience figure out what makes your business unique.

Do you have questions about any of our takeaways? Leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to share more details. Did you also attend InboundCon? If so, do you agree with our takeaways? Let us know below so we can continue brainstorming more ideas to help your business!


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