Want a Good Business Read? Try Richard Branson’s “Business Stripped Bare”

Who is Richard Branson? Sir Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin and is the only person in the world to have built eight billion dollar companies from scratch in eight different sectors. One of his companies Virgin Mobile USA holds the record as the fastest company in history to generate revenues of over one billion dollars surpassing in speed Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

No matter the size of your company, this book has good solid business advice along with real world examples. In this amazing book, Richard has his very first title as “PEOPLE”….”Find good people- Set them Free.” Great Advice and quite a contrast with the hard working and very successful CEO and Chairman of GE, Jeffrey Immelt. I witnessed Jeffrey delivering a speech to his staff in Toronto and after the speech, my cousin, who worked at GE at the time, asked me what I thought.

In his speech he talked about what was important to him and it was all about the company, shareholder value, profitability and down the list at 4 and 5 was his family and the employees. I told my cousin this would be a very difficult company to work for as there would be no balance between work and family. It would be strictly work. And when the boss works 24/7, guess what, he expects everyone else to. In my opinion not a healthy work environment, in fact I would say toxic.

My own personal list would be 1. Family, and tied for 2. would be clients and staff. Without good clients you can’t hire a good staff and without good staff you can’t maintain good clients. #3 would be another tie between cash flow and sales. And #4 would be profitability.

Richard Branson’s second chapter is BRAND and the importance of maintaining the brand or company’s reputation. I constantly tell my staff, clients will always make you 10 times worse or 10 times better than what you actually are so you always want to maintain the reputation of being 10 times better by supplying superior service.

This leads us to Sir Richard’s next chapter DELIVERY. He goes on to say “We (Virgin) thrive on ideas but our day-to-day business is about delivery. Good delivery depends upon many things. Two of the most important are good communication and attention to detail.” Unbelievably good and succinct advice.
Rather than give the whole book away let me simply say for any business owner, executive or entrepreneur it’s a must read and I would rate it 11 out of 10.


Business Stripped Bare (This isn’t an affiliate link)



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