Salesforce State of Marketing Survey 2014

What are marketers struggling with in 2014 and what are their intentions and attitudes? That’s what Salesforce/Exacttarget’s survey of 2500+ marketing managers set out to discover.


These insights should inspire you to fuse your digital marketing channels to make digital marketing a complete lead and revenue generator for your company. What is very apparent is the rising role of social media within marketing campaigns. One question to ask you though: will social media’s capabilities grow to replace Google? Food for thought. The landscape could change with one tidal surge.

Let’s take a look at some of their findings.

Most relevant facts from the State of Marketing survey:


  • Marketers do have faith in social media ROI
  • Marketers feel social media ROI will eventually improve
  • Marketers believe social directly affects business performance
  • Half of respondents believe social media is core to their business
  • Social marketing budgets are increasing
  • Marketers are seeking better customer analytics
  • Marketers still believe in email
  • Marketers being given more resources than ever to drive profitability
  • Performance is being graded by direct sales-conversion rates, engagement rates, and ROI

Marketing Budget
Interestingly, lifetime value of customer is still not regarded as a success criterion. That may suggest marketers have little confidence in customer loyalty and their ability to maintain repeat sales, or, they’re pressured by short term objectives to ensure their immediate survival. This is one area that desperately needs exploration. Business isn’t a one-shot deal.

You work hard to create a customer and keep them, to continue delivering even greater value and grow revenue. Perhaps marketers are struggling with the idea of never ending value generation?

Marketers believe in the mobile channel and 30% plan to begin using SMS. Holiday events and cross channel engagement are the two top campaigns they expect to execute.

Marketing automation is also of big interest to them. It will interesting to automation plays out in a realm where authenticity and responsiveness are paramount.

And their top challenge:


  • Understanding and responding to customer lifecycle phases in order to be more effective at key customer decision points. Everyone is looking for a competitive edge. Timing is everything, and they’re hoping to use digital to communicate with audiences at precise times to influence and create sales. They believe the data can tell them more about these lifecycle events and when to take action.

The wonderful thing about digital marketing is that the data can give insight of that type.

Digital Marketing 2014
Engaging and retaining customers is another top need and they feel that subscriptions may be the way to go.

Top Priorities for CMO’s

Priorities for 2014 have changed a little. Now driving or powering up conversion rates, improving brand awareness, and collecting, measuring and utilizing behaviour-based data are the top urgencies.

Questions Still Remain

Many of the respondents indicated they have in-house teams for social media, we know from other surveys that marketers are finding it tough to create original content, and the time to manage social or mobile marketing campaigns. Increasingly, social media will be used for customer service, putting further demands on in-house staff. How long will it take for social and mobile marketing to really justify itself against the success criteria they established in this survey.

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