Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – How can you afford not to?

I’ve witnessed too many success stories not to believe in search engine marketing (SEM) a.k.a cost per click (CPC) advertising.

I would like to share with you one in particular:

Case Study#1

Company: ML Contracting
Profile: small landscaping company located in Whitby, Ontario
Goal: Generate leads from a small geographical location, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.
Budget: $5/ day
Results: In the first 3 months traffic to the website increased from 15 hits a month to 100 hits a month. One sale totaling $15,000 was secured directly in turn from Google paid advertising. ML Contracting paid $164 in CPC advertising to generate this massive account.

Once the job was completed the word of mouth began and he was recommended to a friend who then invested another $10,000 for his quality work.

Five dollars a day gave him an incredible R.O.I (return on investment) of $25,000. His online advertising has paid for itself over and over.

Moral: Your competition is using this method of advertising SEM (search engine marketing) and landing sales as a result of it. You cannot afford to be sitting on the sideline and missing opportunities.


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