Search Engine Marketing: The good, the bad and the ugly

Search Engine Marketing

In the last year several of my clients have brought up certain companies online advertising programs to me and asked me what I thought about it.  Not knowing a great deal I began my research and started to evaluate their search engine marketing service.  Here is my evaluation:

The Good

  1. They will create a “custom leads page” for your business that includes targeted copy writing and a link to your website.

The Bad

  1. Q: If you have a website why do you need a “middle page” to get you to your existing site?

    A: You don’t.  Cut out the middle man and have your customers go directly to your website.

  2. Your “leads page” is redundant information such as: Company logo, business name, address, phone number, map & directions, brands carried, products/services, business hours, payment methods, languages spoken.  All this information should already be on your existing website.

  3. They “will not rewrite or re-design your existing content and [they] will not optimize your website for users making searches from their smart phones (such as Blackberry and iPhone).”

  4. Updates to your leads page will take 5 business days to complete.

  5. It takes 30 days to create a simple campaign.

The Ugly

  1. The cost. Packages start @ $250/ month.

  2. Reporting.  The reports do not include how much was spent on your costs per click.  You may be spending $250/ month and they may only be spending $5/ month on your advertising through major search engines.


Cut out the middle man and go direct to a professional website design company. You will save money and eliminate redundancy.

Custom reports should tell you exactly how much you spent on cost per clicks and what keywords your money was spent on.

Turn around – your entire online presence which includes a fully optimized, professional website and implementation of a Google AdWords campaign should be executed in 30 days.

And finally, why would you want a leads page that you are paying people to click on competing with your company’s website?  Pay to have them go directly to your website!


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