Search Engine Optimization

The Beginning – The Middle – And The End
of Every Website Design Project

At the onset of every website project you should ask yourself and the client: What keywords & phrases do we want to rank for in search engines?

“In the beginning”

  1. Select a long list of keywords and phrases you would ultimately want to rank for in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  2. Research what your competition is ranking for and evaluate their website source code
  3. Narrow down your list of ideal keywords and phrases to 5 focused terms
  4. Create web specific pages based on your selected keywords and phrases and develop dynamic, unique, highly focused content for these pages

You have launched your brand new, professional website… Now the hard work begins. Search engine optimization is an ongoing task that requires blood, sweat, and tears in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

As important as launching your new website was, maintaining it is even more important. Look at Google as your wife or husband and the saying “what have you done for me lately?” Google wants to know that your website is continually bringing new information to the table and supplying the public with valuable information regarding your product, service or industry.

“In the middle”

  1. Continually evaluate your competition to see what they are doing right and what you can improve on
  2. Use keyword tools such as Google’s Wonder Wheel to aid in the development of relevant search terms
  3. Religiously update your website and online marketing forums such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook or hire a professional website company to do it for you.

It’s been a year and your website has continued to improve its rankings for your original keywords and phrases. Time to start branching out. Look at keyword variations, localized search terms and paid advertising through search engine marketing and Google AdWords.

“In the end”

  1. Once you start to view your website as complete then it will be the end. There will always be someone, or some business with a forward thinking mentality that is constantly looking on ways to improve their website and rank higher
  2. Keep up the momentum by diversifying your approach to online marketing and strive to find new ways to improve your online presence
  3. Consider website makeovers or redesigns to keep your website fresh and not stale
  4. Google is your friend, but only if you keep him happy!

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