SEO Companies: Separate the Snake Oil Salesman from the SEO Superstar

The world of Search Engine Optimization is a convoluted one at best. On one side you have Google continually changing their algorithms to prevent spammers and combat against black hat optimization companies and on the other side you have SEO professionals feeding you with scare tactics and extraordinarily high monthly fees.

As a small business owner you probably do not have the time or expertise to implement an SEO strategy (which is important if you want to be found easier on search engines) and that is why you need to put your trust in a reliable SEO firm to manage your search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Choosing the Right SEO Company

When choosing the right SEO company you will need to consider many factors such as price, rapport, trust and results.

Investigate SEO Companies

  • Are they a basement operation that could be out of business at anytime?
  • Check their portfolio for past projects.
  • Visit them if possible to get an idea about their business philosophy and see how their own business is run.
  • Are they guaranteeing you’ll show up on the first page within a week? Make sure they’re talking about organic results and not pay per click advertising.

Investigate SEO Pricing

  • Ensure the price you are paying is competitive. Get a minimum of 2 estimates to compare.
  • Make sure the estimates are comparing “apples to apples”. Carefully compare all of the SEO estimates and read the fine print.
  • Ask questions! If you don’t understand something simply ask.
  • Will you see a ROI (return on investment) with the amount they are charging?


  • Shady SEO companies tend to hide what they are doing. Make sure all of their cards are on the table before making a decision.
  • Ensure that you will be receiving a minimum of bi-weekly reports showing progress in your SEO campaign.
  • Confirm, in writing, the length of your contract.
  • If they are completing a link building strategy on your behalf ask them exactly what websites will your link be appearing on.

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