Small Business Insights: Convert with Content

It could be said there’s only 3 goals in business: attract leads, convert leads to sales, and create loyal long term customers. Are you achieving these three goals in your marketing?

If you aren’t familiar with sales and marketing lingo, your lead funnel is the experience your prospect is having as they become aware of promotional material you’ve set out somewhere on the web. There’s plenty of prospects at the top but only a few filter through the bottom to become patients or clients.

What are Marketers Struggling With?

This graphic below reveals that many marketers don’t have an effective lead funnel strategy, compelling content, and the staff or resources to manage it.

Lead Generation Marketing

And here is what they say they need to do:

Small Business Marketing

Your Lead Funnel

Any new client you attract could be in any stage of their interest in you or your services. There could be any number of stages depending on how you cut it. But let’s talk about it practically:

1.   First Discovery. They are hooked by your Tweet, blog post, webpage, infographic, video, or picture and links which led to your website, Linkedin page, or even your Facebook page.

2.   Building Interest. If your comment, article or video peaked their interest (you hooked them through your lead magnet), then they want to find out more about you, or read more of your material to see if you are the right doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant or real estate agent for them.

3.   Building Intent. They’ve watched your video, read your blog posts, looked at your website and they’re building some intent in hiring you, but they’re still not committed to doing it. However, they may speak with you via Twitter or comment on your blog about an issue that’s important to them.

4.   Generating Action. Interest and intent are part of what inbound marketers call engagement. They’re immersed in the material you put online and they’re feeling an emotional connection with you. The emotion is what gets them to call you or make an appointment. They’ll use your content to justify their decision. Your material needs to contain something that gets them to overcome inertia and contact you. That’s your call to action.

5.   Retention and Loyalty. Let’s say they’ve become your client or patient; now how do you hang onto them? This is where continuous promotional material keeps you top of mind with them. I know many professional service providers who don’t keep in touch with their patients/clients. They were kind of cavalier about it really. Are they thinking they’re a dime a dozen, so why try to keep promoting to them?

Growing Your Business

Today, professionals have to stay top of mind, because their competitors are working hard to capture the best of them. You might hang onto your low value clients/patients, but they identify the good ones and lay out a net of content to capture them.


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