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It seems these days that many companies, probably due to the recession, are almost afraid to make major spending decisions. They appear to have decided that the best decision is no decision. Status quo actually seems to be becoming the norm – more so here in Canada where we tend to be more conservative than say the U.S. Both forward thinking and creative decision making is becoming almost a thing of the past.

Saving Companies Money and Creating Jobs

One notable exception is ProTerra LED, a very forward thinking Canadian company that is testing the decision making capabilities of many companies both north and south of the border. They have developed LED light technology here and now that can save not only the environment but can also save companies money and…create jobs. Their major problem is that offshore manufacturers primarily from China introduced inferior digital light technology to North America. This just gave everyone a bad impression of LED and its unique money saving capabilities.

Expanding our operation into a much larger facility.

Here at Ravenshoe Group, we were expanding our operation into a much larger facility. This building had a warehouse equipped with traditional 400 watt fluorescent hi-bays. Even though this facility was only 3 years old, these lights were already beginning to fade and burn out. Energy use and probable high maintenance costs became a concern. That’s when ProTerra approached us and said they had all the solutions to our warehouse lighting difficulties.

They had developed LED hi-bay lighting which were instant on; burned with a clean true light (no yellow cast and flickering); were totally recyclable (no mercury); longer lasting and the best part was that it would save us 80% overall in energy costs. The figures, based on a one-shift operation, showed a payback for the new lights of only 3 short years at current electrical rates. Given that the energy costs tend to increase every year, our payback could reasonably occur in less than the 3 years indicated.

ProTerra explained in depth the differences in manufacturing and design between their LED and the cheap offshore imitations and how they had solved all the design and manufacturing issue of those early offshore LED Products. We were really impressed with their knowledge and most impressed with the tremendous savings in energy. Good for us and good for the planet.

Decisions, decisions…. stay with the status quo or take a chance and improve our lighting technology. Fortunately our management team went with, in retrospect, the right decision to move forward and now, thanks to ProTerra LED we have a well-lit modern warehouse that is costing us a fraction to light of what it used to.

It’s all about Solutions & Opportunities. Keith Miles, Vice President of ProTerraLED has been asked to be a speaker at the “Solutions & Opportunities” Energy Efficiency Conference & Expo being held in New York and will be featuring Ravenshoe Group as a case study on a company that used LED lighting as a solution to high energy costs and as a result, created more business opportunities in the process.

Make sure you keep the lines of communication open within your company and encourage your staff to be forward thinking. Encourage exciting new ideas. Status quo thinking in business will not have the result that you were hoping for. In actual fact status quo is never really status quo, your company will not remain at the level it was at but will actually start to slip back and be left behind.


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