Steve Jobs – Book Review

I just finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs and I can’t help but want to build our web department by his standards. Not the uncontrollable crying or spontaneous firings but building a website department that creates quality products.

Macintosh, iMac, iPod, Shuffle, MacBook, iPhone and More..

My first experience with Apple was as a young child using my friends parents Macintosh, after that I didn’t see or use another Apple product until college where our computer labs were filled with the very colourful iMacs. Then came iPods, Shuffle, MacBook and iPhone. I enjoyed listening to the back story of each product, its history and how it related to my user experience. As a tribute to Steve Jobs I downloaded the Audiobook from iTunes and listened to it using my iPod.

Steve Jobs probably left more people unemployed, hurt, and abandoned but I can’t help but respect him for everything he created in the short time he had.

Mark Viol, photographer at Ravenshoe Group had this to say about the book:

The book is just as much a history lesson on Silicon Valley and the advancement of technology as it is about Steve Jobs. Written like a series of short stories, the book is lengthy but always interesting.

and Beau Costoff, web developer at Ravenshoe Group had this to say about the book:

From reality distortion fields to the birth of modern day computing, the Steve Jobs biography not only left me in complete awe, but also shed some light on one of the most influential personas of the current times.  Although not nearly one of the kindest people around, it’s hard to ignore how Steve Jobs has pushed the boundaries of creation and changed this world for the better.

This is a tell all, no holds barred story from concept to creation, a true 5 star you wont be disappointed in. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.


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