The Importance of Good SEO Practice

Over the last few years of my Ravenshoe Group career, I’ve definitely learned some good tricks of the trade. Whether it be the knowing of when to use tables over divs (it’s hard to believe I used to build all websites in nothing but tables), or the simple observation of a good organization of file structure, or even one of my favourites – using templates; nothing seems to be drawing as much attention to detail as good – no wait – GREAT SEO practice.

SEO has never seemed to be as important as it is now in a world wide web full of millions of websites with an intimidating amount of content. Many will have you believe that “Content is King” (which it is in a way), but this leads to watered down content that never leads you anywhere near the first page results let alone the 20th page.

It’s the simple knowledge of SEO practice that will give your website that boost it needs.

Meta tags, title tags, inbound links, alt tags, relevant content, keywords, and regular content updates are all integral parts of Search Engine Optimization. This could be the difference between a failing company and a blooming multi-million dollar corporation. After all, what use is a website if there is never a conversion?

One thing to note is also the difference between white-hat and black-hat SEO practice. It’s important to know what your web developer is doing in regards to SEO. It would be quite a shame to have your website banned from web searches due to a lazy or unknowledgeable web developer.

Also, one should not forget about the massive social networking scene that has blown up over recent years. It’s never too late to jump on board, and also (you guessed it), it’s an extremely potent tool in Search Engine Optimization. Here are some great ideas to help with social networking:

  1. Setup a Facebook page for your business

  2. Create a Twitter account and Tweet regular updates about your business

  3. Have a blog and keep posting often

  4. Create a Flickr account and show the people of your company

  5. Put out a weekly or monthly newsletter (this is a great way to extend to your other social networks.)

After all of this, you’ll finally start to understand what is meant by “Content is King”. It just needs to be content with a purpose.


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