The Importance of Twitter Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool. Websites like Facebook, Twitter & Google+ give you the ability to deliver messages to a wide audience quickly and easily. However, social media isn’t just about broadcasting. The true power of social media involves actively engaging your followers.

On Twitter, it’s not just about Tweeting, it’s about forming relationships and having conversations. Doing so has a number of benefits. Engaging your audience on Twitter will enable you to:

  • Network with other business owners & complimentary businesses
  • Provide answers & offer immediate feedback to clients
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Project yourself as a market leader & expert in your field
  • Keep track of new trends and developments in your industry

What is engagement on Twitter and how can you improve your own Twitter engagement?

Engaging your followers means doing more than just “following” them. Rather than simply posting updates about your company, ask questions, seek out advice and join discussions. Reply to interesting people and add comments to your re-tweets. If you notice a discussion taking place, add your two cents to it. If someone you’re following asks a question, write to them with a thoughtful answer. This is how you let other Twitter users know that you care about what they have to say, how you show that you’re knowledgeable in your industry and how you present yourself as a valuable Twitter user.

For a good example on engaging twitter users check out @cstechjoel he’s also the best looking man in the world although I’m not sure if that title is actually recognized by anyone but himself. All joking aside he does the one thing that every twitter user needs to remember… be helpful and have real conversations with people.

Twitter isn’t just a billboard. You don’t post messages on it and walk away. Twitter’s true value comes from the relationships you can build online, the trust you can instil by taking part in discussions and the knowledge you can share that will let others know that you are an industry leader.

If you’re willing to write to others, re-tweet their messages and answer their questions, other Twitter users will be more likely to follow you. Twitter users like to be engaged; that’s one of the main draws of the service. You’ll gain followers and those followers will be more likely to communicate with you. You won’t just be building an audience, you’ll be building a community.

People prefer to do business with people they know and trust rather than working with a stranger. By communicating effectively on Twitter and by engaging your audience you’ll build relationships and trust and this will help grow your business.

Action Steps:

  • Go find 5 questions/ tweets you can add insight to/ tweets you agree or disagree with and engage those people
  • **Bonus Points if you’re a brand and you calm down an irate customer


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out here! Honestly I think your article has pretty much summed it up; Twitter is not a billboard, or as I like to say, “Twitter is not a megaphone”. You’d be amazed how many businesses do nothing but broadcast their sales/events instead of engaging with people who are asking questions or having conversations.

    The one thing I would add to your article is that building up a following and even getting “in” with the Twitter crowd can take a ton of time. I tweeted for months, even RTing and tweeting AT people to have conversations… but I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Finally, I found a small group of people who were super engaged and welcoming, and things just exploded and took off. Finding even ONE person you can genuinely interact with can be a huge starting point.

    Thanks again for writing this, I’m definitely encouraged!

    1. Joel,

      Thank you for your input on this blog post, but more importantly thank you for the insights you provided me through Twitter. To many more more conversations and debates regarding SEO. Cheers.

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