Top 10 List for keeping fit at work

1.If you work has an elevator, take the stairs! Just as long as it’s not 30 flights, let’s not get carried away here.

2.Pre pack your lunches and meals the night before at home to bring to work.

3.The more often you eat the faster your metabolism has to work, which in turn burns more calories. (Within reason) You need to take your 3 big meals and spread them out into 6 smaller meals throughout the day. Meal 1: Breakfast- This should be your biggest meal of the day. Meal 2 is your first break. Meal 3 is your lunch. Meal 4 is your afternoon break. Meal 5 : is your dinner. Meal 6: keeps you good for the night.  Fight the urge to snack in between your meals. If you’re basing this on a 2,000 calorie a day diet then each meal should be roughly 333 calories. A meal or snack is not 3 carrots and some ranch dip, step it up and give your body what it needs.

4.Get up and go for a walk or go to a gym to exercise on your lunch hour. There is plenty of time and you won’t feel so bad sitting in front of a computer all day.

5.Drink plenty of water throughout the day and stay away from juices and sodas with empty calories. The benefit of drinking water is it also speeds up your metabolism and helps flush your system.

6.I have yet to do this but a lot of people replace their work chair for exercise balls. This strengthens your core muscles and will also help shed some pounds. Don’t be a hero, try it at home first so you don’t roll around the office and fall over the first time you sit.

7.Try to fight the urge of eating the delicious baked goods a co-worker brings into work for everyone. If you’re looking for something sweet, try an orange or apple and that will give you your fix.

8.When you get home from work, give yourself a bit of wind-down time and relax. But you must not be sitting all night on the couch in front of the TV, try to get out and do something. If you’ve been sitting all day try to stand and watch TV, anything to get you on your feet. I suggest purchasing an exercise bike and planting it in front of the TV. This way you can exercise and catch your favorite shows. (I wouldn’t suggest Man vs Food because you will want to eat exactly what he is eating, and 96 oz of steak is ridiculous even for a horse)

9.Stay positive! If you let yourself get down or depressed you won’t want to make any effort what so ever to change your diet or body composition. Everything takes time and staying positive is where it all starts.

10.I’ll pull a Jerry Springer here and end #10 with a final thought. As you can see most of what I mentioned is all about diet. The reason for this is 80% of your goals all start with what and how you eat. Exercising is only about 20% and is that added benefit that we can add to help us reach our goals. You need to eat clean, healthy and hearty foods. People think that if you eat less or cut out carbohydrates from your diet you will lose weight and be healthy. This is a common misconception as you need to have a balanced diet filled with healthy fats, proteins and healthy complex carbohydrates like veggies, fruit, kidney beans etc. Every meal should consist of these three elements.  If you eat clean and smaller portions more frequently you will find you have a lot more energy and feel less stress throughout your day. Not to mention you might be able to fit into that old dress or suit you used to wear. Being healthy is a lifestyle not just ordering a diet coke with your Big Mac meal. The choice is yours and I’ll leave you with words from the great Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, “keep fit and have fun”


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