Top 10 Reasons Why Websites Fail

How happy are you with your Website’s performance? No Google rankings, poor traffic, few leads, no emails, few sales conversions, poor sales?  Yikes, okay you’re justified.

It’s time to review everything. Right now, you don’t know what’s failing and what’s working so going through your site with these 10 things in mind will be helpful.

1. Web design/graphic design style isn’t appealing or compelling – The colours, space use, lines and symmetry have to resonate with the visitor’s preferences.

2. Unique Value Proposition isn’t apparent – Users can’t tell what you offer or why your value offer is any different than your competitors.

3. Content/layout is confusing/conflicting – The visitor’s experience should flow from one thing to the next allowing them to move forward to a decision.

4. Poor quality content which isn’t engaging to visitors – It’s not necessarily the type of content you have, it’s the story you’re telling and how you tell it that gets visitors immersed.

5. Content fails to build trust and credibility – Visitors need to believe you have authority and will achieve what you promise – it’s in how you talk to your visitors – are you being transparent?

6. Too many navigational choices – Giving them options is good, but you need to focus on those options that work well together, to lead them to the right overall conclusion.

7. Lacks something specific to hook the visitor – One compelling/entertaining visual, phrase or topic could be the breadcrumb trail they will follow.

8. Content doesn’t get the visitor to make a decision – Present everything in a timely, strategic fashion with a call to action and you’ll move them closer to a positive decision.

9. Calls to action are not effective – Each page should have a cue or link to drive action through sales conversion process.

10. No clear goal for the visitor – Everything subtly/overtly must move them to their goal and THE DECISION.


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