Top 5 Christmas Gifts for an SEO

SEO’s are a different breed. And buying Christmas gifts for these workaholics is no easy chore. For the last 3 weeks I have been searching for the coolest, most unique gifts for an SEO and I only stumbled upon one blog that caught my attention. Below is my contribution to this virtually impossible Christmas gift category:

#1. SEO Apparel


Whether your SEO is a guy, girl, young or old Zazzle has something for them. They carry a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies, ties and even shoes. The user experience through their eCommerce platform was as easy and as stress free as it gets. Delivery was only 6 bucks through the .ca website and I assume it would be similar for Americans through .com. Order before December 8th to ensure you get your gift in time for Christmas.

#2. Google Stocks


If your SEO has kept his/ her promise and built quality links, written phenomenal content, and developed a creative content marketing campaign for 2012 then they deserve this. If budget warrants ($1,196) your SEO would go crazy for it. They can display it proudly in their office or basement apartment. Although Google’s stock is only worth $628 this is a hassle free way to obtain a unique piece of the world’s fastest growing company. GiveAShare has over 100 different stocks to choose from so if Google’s is too pricey you can always settle for Apple ($748) or Amazon ($404).

#3 SEOmoz Pro Membership


If your SEO is not using this tool than this is more of a gift for you rather than for them. SEOmoz offers great insights into keyword popularity and relevance as well as backlink analysis of your top competitors. In the right hands this tool can be deadly and an SEO game changer in terms of how your company is ranking in the search engines. Most of all SEOmoz is dedicated to their community and continually provides education and thoughtful analysis regarding the SEO industry.

#4 iPad Accessories


So many iPad accessories to choose from, but in my opinion one takes the cake. The iPad sits beautifully into this retro-styled tabletop. It connects to the iCade via Bluetooth and supports 100 classic Atari games. Compatible with both the original iPad and iPad 2 it is the ultimate gift for the SEO geek in your life.

Another excellent, more traditional gift is an iPad 2 Smart Cover. Not only will the iPad Smart Cover keep your device safe from nicks and scratches, but it’s designed to do a whole lot more. It attaches easily using magnets and stays put; open the cover and your iPad awakens, and then close it again to make your iPad go to sleep. It also doubles as a stand. A spectacular colour selection is also available!

#5 Magazine Subscriptions


Search Engine Optimization Professionals love to read. They usually prefer blogs and forums, but they need to be pried away from their computer once and a while. Give them a tangible gift that they can touch and feel while curled up in their Snuggie by the fireplace. As a side benefit you will be supporting all the printing companies out there while keeping your SEO up to speed with the latest trends in the industry. In terms of price you can’t go wrong with subscriptions. The majority of these hidden gems range from Free to $5 dollars a month.

P.s. One magazine that didn’t make the above list that I would recommend is .net magazine

Happy shopping!



  1. I like the idea of the iCADE, but I’ve purchased the Atari app and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, maybe an iPAD Bluetooth keyboard would be better.

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