Top 7 Reasons to use WordPress

I know you’re really attached to that old website of yours, but if it’s looking bad on a smartphone, then you’re losing customers and leads.

Fortunately, there’s a remedy. A responsive designed blog. A blog can be one of your best business assets, particularly in this digital era of business. The adoption of blog formats is quickening.  The communication and publishing demands of social media is driving this.  You need a site that works well with social media, and is easy to manage.

WordPress is the most popular type of blog. It’s trusted by millions of users and optimizes your site for search engines, makes administration easy, and has many other Web 2.0 enhancements.

Yes, a WordPress blog is something to get excited about. It’s not just a tool to create articles for your customers to read, although fresh content is certainly going to help you online (if it’s good content).  A blog is a great format for reaching and serving your customers online and managing your website content. It saves a lot of time.

A Blog is a Website.

Don’t think of it as a blog. Think of it as new Website.  And you and your staff can contribute and edit articles without sending them to your web designer. You can integrate your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter feeds to mesh perfectly with social media.

These are the Top 7 Reasons to use WordPress:

1. Built-in content management system (organizes your content and lets you write, add pics and videos and include your Twitter feed)

2. Multiple users can update their content from anywhere (that’s right, log in from anywhere including on a Samsung smartphone or Apple iPad).

3. Changes and updates easy to implement (It records your changes and keeps your pictures in a library)

4. Content is separated from template coding (easy search engine spidering. WordPress blogs make it neat and organized for Google to get to your pages)

5. Social media apps are easy to integrate (these are add-in features such as some clippings of your FB posts, Pinterest pics, or Tweets, so you don’t have to do that manually)

6. Overall style/layout is consistent (consistency is very important to branding and your pages will have a consistency that makes it comfortable for visitors to view and read)

7. Responsive layout is becoming the new web standard. It means it’s viewable on any device (It adapts to any weird screen size the viewer might have, from Blackberrys to a large iPad)

Ravenshoe Packaging Mobile

Figure 1 is the Ravenshoe Packaging website which is a WordPress blog in the responsive design.  It adapts its size to the browsers the visitor is using (e.g., smartphone, iPad, Laptop, etc.). 30 to 40% of web visits are using mobile devices. So you can understand why web design has undergone such a radical transformation.

Packaging industry people like to read about trends, events, research, and see interesting examples of packaging design and retail strategies. On the Ravenshoe Packaging blog, they get right to the good stuff and any previous blog posts that they might find interesting.

The Right Blog Style for You

Blogs can come in many different styles and we would enjoy showing you how blogs help present your company in its best light. Your situation is unique and there will be unique content, styles, and ways of presenting information to your visitors.

But that’s content strategy and design, which is beyond the scope of this post.

We just want you to be familiar with exciting developments that will give your business good visibility, generate value and put you ahead of your competition. There’s nothing wrong with being the best.


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